OIAF 2022 Submissions Dates

In the Spotlight: Truckload of Submissions Expected for OIAF 2022

Organized by the Canadian Film Institute (the same charitable organization that runs the OIAF!), the International Film Festival of Ottawa (IFFO) is in Ottawa and in-person (with a few online events) March 9th – 20th, 2022.

IFFO brings an eclectic mix of shorts and features from around the globe to Canada’s capital.

We hope that this newsletter finds you well and that you can read it over the sound of all that honking (wait, that might just be an Ottawa thing at the moment). Amidst the chaos, the OIAF has still managed to find a hint of dopamine from the important things in life: Wordle, staring at photos of RiRi’s baby bump, and OIAF 2022 Submissions.

We’re leaning into the figurative horn to create a ruckus and announce that OIAF 2022 Submissions open March 1st, 2022 and close May 31st, 2022. Thankfully they open (most likely) before Rihanna’s new album drops; however, we’re confident that some fresh tracks would provide some much needed reprieve from the helicopter sounds overhead.

As in past years, there is no entry fee. We repeat (sorry, loud honk just went by): There is no entry fee.

Now, before you dispatch a convoy of emails, visit our FAQ page to see if we’ve answered all your Qs. If we haven’t, we ask that you calmly contact us and to not storm downtown Ottawa and Arts Court; there’s currently no one there because the building is shut down.

And who knows, maybe by the time submissions are open, downtown Ottawa will no longer be occupied and it will be safe to walk the streets that we all frequent during the OIAF.

Visit IFFO’s website for more information about this Festival’s inaugural in-person edition.


Source: OIAF

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