Nyan Heroes, A Love Letter to Cats Coming to GDC 2023

Battle Royale Action Shooter Featuring Cats in Giant Mechs to Make Gameplay Debut


Nyan Heroes, a free-to-play battle royale action shooter with giant mechs piloted by cats driven by a mission to save real-life cats, invites GDC media for behind closed doors game experience and developer interview


Developers of Nyan Heroes including Creator, Co-founder and CEO, Max Fu, Game Director, Haluk Diriker and Technical Director, Gideon Gyabaah


Invite only for first-ever showing of gameplay behind closed door demos

Updated from the first tech demo video revealed in May 2022, the demo will feature the cats piloting mechs in an underground subway station in a “last one standing battle”

Meet/Speak with Nyan Heroes developers about the game and the studio’s dual mission to  deliver a unique feline take on a popular genre AND save real life cats


Game Developers Conference expo hours

March 22-23 @ 10:30AM – 5:30PM; March 24 @ 10:30AM – 2:00PM


Moscone Center, North Hall – GDC Play, Meeting room N3246

Appointments via form or email: [email protected]

Duration: 15 – 30 mins (adjusted based on your schedule)


Co-founder Max Fu, an avid cat lover with four rescues of his own, conceived Nyan Heroes – which aims to combine the thrill of a competitive third-person battle royale shooter with the playful and quick movements of cats, all developed on the Unreal Engine 5 engine to deliver a visually stunning experience. While optional web3 features are planned, the developers are currently focused on establishing strong core gameplay features. Those seeking a unique take on the battle royale genre may find Nyan Heroes to be just that during its development. Nyan Heroes has demonstrated their dedication to cats beyond the virtual realm by donating over $250,000 to the “no-kill” animal rescue organization Best Friends Animal Society and an additional $150,000 to other related organizations with the goal of saving one billion cats.

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