Pioneering Graphics for the AI Generation

Come learn about the latest breakthroughs in graphics, research, Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD), and AI that are driving next-generation discoveries. Explore NVIDIA’s past, present, and future innovations that push the boundaries of graphics and simulation.

NVIDIA Keynote: Explore What’s Next in AI

Don’t miss the NVIDIA Keynote by founder and CEO Jensen Huang on August 8. Experience an exclusive showcase of the latest innovations, like advancements in Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD), award-winning research, and AI-enabled solutions for content creation.

GenAI at Real-Time Live: Text2Material

See how NVIDIA researchers are optimizing foundation models connected to NVIDIA Omniverse™ for interactive physically based rendering, generation, and editing—including the latest Text2Material generative AI built on NVIDIA Picasso.

NVIDIA Research Presentations at SIGGRAPH

Connect with NVIDIA researchers to learn more about the work NVIDIA’ll be presenting—including twenty papers—at this year’s conference. See how NVIDIA Research collaborates with SIGGRAPH members to deliver rendering and gen AI breakthroughs across the community.

Other Presentation includes:

  • Vid2Player3D: Learning Physically Simulated Tennis Players from Broadcast Videos
  • NeuralVDB: High-Resolution Sparse Volume Representation Using Hierarchical Neural Networks
  • Recursive Control Variates for Inverse Rendering
  • CALM: Conditional Adversarial Latent Models for Directable Virtual Characters
  • Single-Shot Implicit Morphable Faces With Consistent Texture Parameterization
  • Random-Access Neural Compression of Material Textures
  • Interactive Hair Simulation on the GPU Using ADMM
  • Data Free Learning of Reduced-Order Kinematics

Register here:https://s2023.siggraph.org/register/


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