Nintendo Switch Online Adds Four New Games

Nintendo has added four new classic games from the NES, SuperNES, and Game Boy platforms to its Nintendo Switch Online membership game library.

 Super Power League: A sports game for the Super Famicom released in 1991. This game’s charm lies in its superhuman gameplay, featuring unique moves such as the “disappearing ball” that makes the ball disappear, and the “meteor strike” which can knock out players before the ball even bounces. In addition to the 6 Ultra League teams that can use Ultra Play, there will be a total of 18 teams: 6 Century League teams and 6 Paradise League teams that can enjoy normal baseball games. You can also create your own original teams in “Edit”. By setting the super panel to not show before the game, you can enjoy an exciting match.

 Tower of Babel/Mystery Tower: A puzzle action game designed for the home computer released in 1986. Your goal is to control the archaeologist and adventurer Indy Borgnine to reach the aerial garden at the top. Carry strange stones, rearrange them, put them down and reach the exit to clear the stage and enter the next floor. Depending on the floor, enemies will be waiting for you, but you can use the stones to strike them down and defeat them. In addition, every 8th floor has a “fresco room” which hides the “mysterious painting” needed to reach the top of the tower.

 Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble: An action game for the Game Boy Color released in 2000. The Kirby series always brings lots of fun with its cute actions. This time, Kirby can roll and jump, among other things. According to the Game Boy’s movements – “Move left and right! Move forward and backward! Kirby rolls! Jump! The surprising gameplay secret is the ‘motion sensor cartridge’!!” – the functionality of the “motion sensor cartridge (Game Boy Color cartridge equipped with an acceleration sensor)” has been reproduced on the Nintendo Switch. You can play the game by tilting the Nintendo Switch console or controller.

Blaster Master Zero: An action game for Game Boy Color released in 2000. The legendary war machine “Metal Attacker,” which once saved the world, travels to the Theta planet inhabited by dangerous creatures in order to save humanity in the Lambda galaxy. The advantage of Metal Attacker lies in its strong jumping power, durable armor, and powerful bombardment – kick out the enemies and continue forward. Leonardo, the protagonist, gets off Metal Attacker and moves around in narrow places. In dungeons, the display changes to a top-down view, and you can fight with guns and grenades.

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