‘Nimona’Will Premeired At Annecy This June

Netflix will debut its highly anticipated feature adaptation of ND Stevenson’s Nimona at France’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival on June 14, before the film hits the platform later this summer.

Nick Bruno and Troy Quane’s Nimona is now set up as the third big Hollywood animated feature to debut in France in the coming months, following announcements that Pixar’s Elemental will bow at Cannes and Dreamworks’ Ruby Gillman will premiere at Annecy.The fantasy tale, set in a techno-medieval world, follows the adventures of a shapeshifting teen, tackling ideas of labels and acceptance at the same time.It’s starred by Chloë Grace Moretz, Riz Ahmed and Eugene Lee Yang in the voice cast.

It is the first production to come out of Annapurna’s new animation division which was launched at the end of 2022 and helped save the film with Netflix after Disney dropped the project.

It’s a story that a knight is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and the only person who can help him prove his innocence is Nimona, a shape-shifting teen who might also be a monster he’s sworn to destroy. Set in a techno-medieval world unlike anything animation has tackled before, this is a story about the labels we assign to people and the shapeshifter who refuses to be defined by anyone.

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