Next Gen Receiving High Acclaim Overseas, Powerful Armour Shows up on ChinaJoy and Becomes Autodyne Props

The 2018 China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) came to an end, and the powerful lineup of the animated film “Future Machine City” super-strong mech national cruise Shanghai station made ChinaJoy an unprecedented event. In the four-day exhibition, in addition to the exhibition of the two physical armor of 7723 and the war king, Wang Nima arrived at the scene with the family of the violent family and interacted with the audience. In addition, the voice actor Shi Ban in the film Yu teacher (Zhou Xingchi “Yu” voice actor) also surprised the appearance.

It is reported that the film “Future Machine City” recently held a small-scale screening overseas, and it has been praised by overseas audiences. Therefore, in line with the distribution needs of more than 100 countries around the world, the film will announce the latest domestic release period in the near future.

The family of the violent family, the giant armor became the strongest focus of CJ

ChinaJoy is the largest carnival event in China’s second-yuan, and naturally there are many secondary elements. However, the 7723 and War King of the movie “Future Machine City” appeared as a few physical mechs on the scene, which instantly detonated the scene. Whether it is from the scene booth layout, the details of the production of the mech, or the lineup of the violent walk, all of them show the heart of the violent family and pay attention to this exhibition.

At the exhibition, the 7723 interacted with the audience with super-magnetic sounds, which attracted many passers-by to take photos with them. The 7723 was a naughty and sloppy “can take the phone a little further, so it looks like my face is big”, it is very cute; Then, Feng Yuanzheng’s “super scary” voice was used to scare the passers-by, and the battle mode deformation performance was performed to show off his super weapon from the future world. It is full of charm as a villain; the wearable physical armor 7723 also utilizes His own lightweight body was used for cross-country. On the 4th and 5th, he appeared on the stage of Ali Entertainment and Netease Games, and interacted with it. It also attracted the interactive role of the coser of the game character and earned the big ticket passerby powder. On the day of the exhibition, the mechs of “Future Machine City” successfully attracted the attention of the local TV media and became the focus of attention in the local news media resources.

The production of “Future Machine City” was made by the preparation of the world’s leading mech artist team, Sun Shiqian Studio and VOK Studio for several months. Spending huge sums of money to build the mech, it is also the film “Future Machine City”, the main team of the violent family to keep improving the works.

The violent family & Shi Banyu debut “Future Machine City” became the fan most looking forward to the movie

During the four days of the show, the runaway family and film voice actors came to the event and interacted in depth with the audience. Starring Nyima actually picked up the table tennis with his mouth, and interacted with the fans to be vague; the violent family artists, including the voice actor Zhang Quan egg, paper towels, etc., also went on stage with the fans to perform “group dance”, the scene was full of fun. The violent family artist Pino interviewed Wang Nima about the story behind the film production. Wang Nima even said frankly: Because the foreign production team did not have a clear understanding of the story, he repeatedly terminated the cooperation and finally chose the best production team. Cooperated. In the activities on the 4th and 5th, the film dubbing actor Shi Banyu (Zhou Xingchi “The Royal” voice actor) was pleasantly presented, and on the stage to restore the film “Westward Journey” classic fragment, set off a scene of enthusiasm.

In order to surprise the audience in the four-day event, the masters prepared a series of novel interactive ways. After the interaction, the warm-hearted main fans sent face-to-face, and the fans who queued the signatures packed the booth. The passage is very warm.

“Future Machine City” sets the background in a very technologically prosperous future, telling the story of human girl wheat and robot 7723. They have never met each other and have accompanied each other. They have experienced many adventures and difficulties in the middle, but they never What changed was the warm friendship between the two people. In addition, the robotic elements of the brain opening are also a highlight of the film, and all kinds of robots will take you to an unexpected and strange future. The recent overseas screenings have also attracted praise from many foreign netizens. As a netizen said, “Everyone will like it, it builds a truly interesting world”.



Source: Sina


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