New Quality Productivity ·AI Partner Conference

The competition in AI technology is intensifying, and this month, OpenAI officially launched GPT-4o, with the letter “o” representing “omni”, meaning “all-encompassing” or “omnipotent”. This model integrates almost all modalities of intelligence and can fully perceive human emotions, marking another historic moment in the global field of generative AI. Following closely behind, Google’s I/O conference unveiled dozens of new products that integrate Google and AI technologies, challenging OpenAI.

Technological advancements are happening at an unprecedented pace, and various industries are trying to connect with AI and accept its “disruptive” innovations. In this era when AI is empowering countless industries, we are eager to know what kinds of needs are being met by the AI companies that have successfully implemented their technologies in real-world scenarios. Can their success stories be replicated? And what are the potentialities and vitality of future AI applications?

Focusing on the “enablers” and “enhanced” by AI, the New Quality Productivity · AI Partner Conference will officially kick off on May 24th at the Beijing Global Trade Center D Building, 5th Floor. The conference, with the theme of “I was empowered by AI,” will showcase how AI has transformed various industries, and what real-world needs have been met by AI that existed in the past but were not realized due to technological limitations.

From text and image production to video creation and more precise medical and manufacturing work, AI functions are constantly breaking through people’s imagination. To gain a deeper understanding of the current state and trends of AI, and to analyze the application scenarios and market dynamics of the AI industry, the New Quality Productivity · AI Partner Conference has invited a number of leading figures in the domestic AI field, key representatives of the industrial chain, and pioneers in innovation as its heavyweight guests to explore the boundless possibilities of the AI era. It is worth mentioning that during the conference, the special partner organization Rainbow Bridge Talent Plan will organize student delegations to participate in the conference and engage in learning and exchange.

We believe that by presenting different perspectives on “AI empowerment” from various stakeholders, we can provide a more comprehensive picture of the application of AI and bring about the most exciting ideas collision. Therefore, the main body of the conference is divided into two chapters: “What can AI do for us” and “I am empowered by AI,” covering 10+ themed speeches, 3 roundtable discussions, and case release sessions.

From the present to the future, what can AI do for us? Beijing Institute of Artificial Intelligence (BIAI) Vice President and Chief Engineer Lin Yonghua will also provide a deep analysis of the thousands of industries that have been rewritten by AIGC.

As both “enablers” and “empowered” by AI, how do different enterprises view the changes brought about by AI technology in terms of products, markets, and business ecosystems? Lenovo Group Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for China Wang Chuandong, Caoos Industrial Intelligence Research Institute Executive Director Qin Chenggang, AMD Greater China Vice President of Marketing Ji Chaohui, Midea Group Chief AI Officer Tang Jian, and Aliyun Startup Incubation Business Department General Manager Li Zhongyu, among other high-profile guests, will deliver keynote speeches on the most talked-about topics of the moment, including “AIPC,” “intelligent computing power,” “smart home appliances,” and “AI startups.” They will offer insights from different perspectives and explore the trends of AI applications with the industry, sharing the challenges and opportunities that companies face. Representatives from Ant Group, OPPO, Baidu, Intel, iFlytek, 360 Group, and Porsche China, among others, will also participate in keynote speeches and roundtable discussions to explore how companies can seize opportunities for innovation in the midst of technological upheaval.


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