Netease’s Infinite Lagrange Sweeps Four Major Awards at the Renowned NYX Game Awards

Netease’s Infinite Lagrange Sweeps Four Major Awards at the Renowned NYX Game Awards

NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999), announces that its self-developed space strategy mobile game Infinite Lagrange has won four major awards, including the Grand Award in the Mobile Game – Simulation category, at the prestigious NYX Game Awards.

Hasted by the International Awards Association (IAA), the NYX Game Awards recently revealed its esteemed list of winners. Out of over 1,000 submissions from more than 30 countries, Infinite Lagrange emerged as a remarkable standout, securing 4 illustrious accolades including the Gold Winner in Mobile Game – Best Art Direction, Best Music, Best Game Design, and notably, Grand Winner in the Mobile Game – Simulation category.

As one of the most popular strategy games at the moment, “Infinite Lagrange” sets itself apart from a myriad of renowned titles for its ability to captivate players with its exceptional blend of gameplay, visual design, music, and various other meticulously crafted aspects.

Winning Four Major Awards, A Testament to the Exceptional Quality

The NYX Game Awards, an esteemed competition founded by the International Awards Association (IAA), serves as a prestigious platform dedicated to inspiring and honoring creators and their remarkable contributions to the global gaming industry. Renowned game masterpieces like “Dying Light 2” and “Borderlands 3” have claimed this coveted accolade.

The NYX Game Awards prides itself on being an impartial and inclusive competition, welcoming all game works that embody creativity and passion. This quarter witnessed a significant influx of entries, including renowned titles like “Call of Duty” and “Layers of Fear.” In a pursuit to elevate standards and uphold quality in reviews, the International Awards Association has assembled a review panel comprising experts well-versed in game production and deeply knowledgeable about the current state of the industry, ensuring that every award bestowed upon the works truly reflects its reputation.

Under such unparalleled standards, “Infinite Lagrange” standards out among a vast array of contenders, emerging as the Grand Winner in the Mobile Game – Best Simulation Game category and the Gold Winner in Mobile Game – Best Art Direction, Mobile Game – Best Music, and Mobile Game – Best Game Design.

Extreme Audiovisual Enjoyment, Diverse Gameplay Innovations

The unrelenting exploration and unwavering dedication have yielded fruitful results. “Infinite Lagrange,” an SLG game encompassing the captivating theme of space exploration, places a paramount emphasis on creating a hardcore grand lore, and an immersive space exploration audio-visual experience, and strives to expand and innovate upon strategic gameplay mechanics. Each accolade attained at this year’s NYX Game Awards serves as a testament to the commitment and refinement that has been invested at every level of “Infinite Lagrange”.

The art of “Infinite Lagrange” meticulously captures the essence of “hardcore science fiction” to provide players with a visually immersive experience. The game’s art team has ingeniously crafted a realistic industrial aesthetic style, drawing inspiration from both real-world science and the game’s lore. From awe-inspiring warships and enigmatic Stargates to sprawling space stations, the vivid design, coupled with exquisite modeling and rendering, culminate in a highly realistic visual presentation that leaves space enthusiasts thoroughly satisfied. Furthermore, the PC version of “Infinite Lagrange” has undergone a comprehensive art upgrade of visual effects. Pioneers can now indulge in the breathtaking 120Hz ultra-high frame rate mode, unlocking a space exploration experience reminiscent of a science fiction blockbuster.

In terms of music, “Infinite Lagrange” releases different styles of theme music during its various original festivals, each tailor-made to perfectly complement its rich lore. For instance, the Gemini Festival reverberates with the passionate and majestic melodies of “Calling From Four Light Years Away,” while Earth Day resonates with the cheerful and agile notes of “Spring Overture.” Notably, the enchanting “The Starlight Music” featured in the Starlight Festival has garnered recognition and a nomination for the esteemed Hollywood Music in Media Awards. The game’s overall musical style is grand and atmospheric, exuding distinct characteristics, with space, military, and religious elements at its core. These evocative compositions vividly portray the grand lore of the Lagrangian universe, imbuing the experience with a unique humanistic spirit. The minimalist yet realistic sound effects and voice acting for military commands accurately convey the technological prospects of the future. Through its outstanding music and distinctive artistic style, “Infinite Lagrange” captivates Pioneers, enveloping them in an immersive and unforgettable experience.

“Infinite Lagrange” is also committed to delivering excellence in gameplay design. The game boasts a range of innovative features, including the Plan Area system, the organizational structure, the various activities such as base construction, fleet configuration, and resource collection, all of which enables precise strategic operations and realistic game interactions akin to commanding a real military force. In combat design, passionate battles unfold with fleets comprising numerous ships, where Pioneers can employ diverse combat strategies, including support, blockade, and surprise attacks. The implementation of real-time calculation and collision mechanics lends a highly realistic and sci-fi touch to space combat. Furthermore, “Infinite Lagrange” continuously strives for innovation. The introduction of Flagship Skills and significant adjustments to air defense mechanisms inject new tactical ideas for Pioneers to explore.

Outstanding Quality Lives Up to the Grand Reputation, Exploration Creates Infinite Possibilities

The remarkable achievement of “Infinite Lagrange” securing four awards at the prestigious NYX Game Awards is a resounding testament to its exceptional quality and extraordinary performance. As a highly popular and internationally influential SLG game centered around the theme of space science fiction, “Infinite Lagrange” remains committed to exploring infinite possibilities in art, music, and gameplay design, and will work with Pioneers to create a brilliant and vibrant Lagrangian Galaxy with even higher-quality game content.

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