Multiracial furry starring in “Zabezoo. Ears ‘n Tail” animated series.

A furry little girl, whose mother is a creative and charming Bunny and whose father is a strong and intelligent Monkey-astronaut, star in a brand new animated series titled “Zabezoo. Ears ‘n Tail”.

The G-rated audience story is produced by Animation Studio Z and directed by Zakhar Marmosetty. The first season of the series includes 26 episodes (timing – 5’30 ”).

‘Zabezoo’ immerses the viewer in a positive and eco-friendly universe of the girl, born from a Monkey Dad and a Bunny Mom. Zabezoo inherited her Mommy’s elegant ears and, from Dad, a flexible tail that allows her to climb trees.

Together with her pet lizard Buddy, Zabezoo lives in a cozy house in which Mommy the artist paints pictures, prepares delicious pastries for the children and waits for the Daddy-astronaut to return from other planets.

Each episode depicts the events that are not so important to adults but are a real discovery for a kid. Zabezoo learns how to make a cake, dreams of learning to fly, travels through a glade inhabited by butterflies, looks after the egg-baby of the neighbor crocodile and runs away from a magic hat.

There are elements of edutainment in each episode of ‘Zabezoo,’ and kids will find out something new about the world around them.

Also in the series are musical notes: Zabezoo loves to sing funny and catchy songs with friends. The music of the title track of the series – “Who is Zabezoo?” is composed by the legendary Russian songwriter Maksim Dunaevsky.

The characters of the series perceive the world with a positive, tolerant attitude, committed to the idea of friendship between peoples and interaction between different national communities.

The TV and online premiere of the series is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

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