Miyazaki’s Ghibli theme park was unveiled

 Ghibli Park officially opened yesterday, and Miyazaki Hayao personally hand-painted congratulations to send his best wishes.

Ghibli Park is located in Aichi Expo Memorial Park within Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The park is divided into five areas: “Hill of Youth”, “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse”, “Mononoke’s Village”, “Valley of the Witches” and “Dondoko Forest”, which correspond to several of the most popular studio Ghibli animation themes.

The first phase will deliver three major areas: “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse”, “Hill of Youth” and “Dondoko Forest.” The remaining two areas are expected to open in 2023.

The world’s first “Ghibli theme park”, rebuilt from the Aichi Expo Park built in 2005, has restored the “famous scenes” in Ghibli animations such as “Spirited Away”, “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Neko no ongaeshi”.

The three sections of “Ghibli Large Warehouse”, “Dondoko Forest”, “Hill of Youth”, and the restoration of “Spirited Away” and other 13 classic works have amazed many people.

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse

The “Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse”, built in an indoor venue, is the largest area in the park. There are countless Ghibli works on display, just like the expo pavilion.

“Spirited Away”

In the office of the bathhouse, the imposter Yubaba is busy reviewing documents

On the Sea Railway, the lonely No Face is waiting for Chihiro to sit down

“Castle in the Sky”

Although the courtyard is in ruins, the robot soldiers are still waiting for their owners to return

In her coma, Sheeta does not know where the person who caught her has gone

“My Neighbor Totoro”

Cat bus has reached its destination ~ anyone else going on board?

“The Secret World of Arrietty”

Let’s see what the world looks like from the eyes of Arrietty

“From Up On Poppy Hill”

I seem to smell the scent of books, and hear voices of fierce debate…

Dondoko Forest

The house filled with countless soot sprites has really broken through the dimensional plane to reality.

Hill of Youth

Walking out of the forest path, you will see an orange duplex building, which is the area of “Whisper of the Heart” and “Neko no ongaeshi”. Seeing this old and delicate toy shop on the screen follows Xiao Wen chasing the cat.

Standing on the balcony of the “Earth House”, you can also take a panoramic view of the whole park.

Originally the management building in the era of the Aichi Youth Park, it was renovated into the “Castle in the Sky” -themed steampunk style.

In 2017, Aichi Prefecture and Studio Ghibli in Japan decided to establish the theme park. At a cost of 34 billion yen (2.2 billion yuan), a 7.1-hectare “garden within a garden” was planned. That’s only 6 percent of Shanghai Disneyland’s size, equivalent to 1.8 percent of Universal Studios Beijing.

Ghibli Park has decided not to take the regular route of well-known IP theme parks since its planning. There are no big rides, such as roller coasters, and no real-action role interactions. Its way of experience is not mainly about thrills, but more about exploration.

Since the planning stage, Miyazaki insisted on not cutting down trees during construction. Rather than destroying the woods to make way for the theme park, Ghibli’s work should highlight the natural beauty of the surrounding forests as they have persisted for decades. Because it embodies nature itself, constantly creating these images that can bring people a healing effect.

You can feel the natural wind and explore the secrets we buried in the park; not by transportation, but by learning the world with your eyes. This is what the childhood we yearn to recall is about.

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