Mise-En-Scene Company (MSC) sets U.S. Domestic theatrical for The Magnificent Meyersons

Mise-En-Scene Company (MSC) sets U.S. Domestic theatrical for The Magnificent Meyersons followed by Pay 1 release on Major US TV network.

It was announced  that London based outfit The Mise En Scéne Company has set U.S theatrical distribution for The Magnificent Meyersons. The film will be released on over twenty screens throughout May with live Q&As set for New York and Los Angeles prior to the film’s Pay 1 window release by an undisclosed major US Television network on September 1st, 2023. This is the first film to be distributed by MSC since the company’s 2020 inception.

Directed by Evan Oppenheimer, “The Magnificent Meyersons” is a New York-set family drama with a sci-fi twist. Its cast includes Kate Mulgrew (“Star Trek,” “Orange is the New Black”), Lauren Ridloff (“Eternals,” “Sound of Metal”), Daniel Eric Gold (“Ugly Betty”) and Richard Kind (“Beau Is Afraid,” “A Serious Man”).

The story centres on a day that starts out like any other, full of small hostilities, self-doubt, moments of tenderness, and the other quotidian battles and joys that comprise a normal day in the big city. But on this day, perhaps the most significant scientific revelation in human history takes place, and the discovery will affect the everyday life of each member of the family in a different way.


Paul Yates, CEO of Mise En Scène, said: “‘The Magnificent Meyersons is a life affirming love letter to New York with countless stunning performances from a brilliant ensemble cast. We’re absolutely thrilled to be bringing The Magnificent Meyersons to the big screen through this limited run. The Mise En Scène Company passionately mirrors the view that theatrical release of diverse content is more important than ever in this streamer heavy media landscape that we occupy. Our first foray into distribution has been an exciting and gratifying challenge, it has highlighted the company’s pliability and potential to our investors as we expand into the U.S.”

“The Magnificent Meyersons” is the seventh film written and directed by New York based Oppenheimer. His other films are “Lost in Florence,” “A Little Game,” “The Speed of Thought,” “Alchemy,” “Justice” and “The Auteur Theory.”


Source:The Mise-En-Scene Company

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