Mini Force: Burger Battle

The highly popular 3D action-adventure animated film series “Mini Force: Burger Battle” has achieved an astounding 27 billion views online. The movie will officially hit theaters nationwide on November 11th, offering a delightful visual and auditory feast of food and adventure for both parents and children.

“Mini Force: Burger Battle” tells a story of growth and bonds, showcasing brave agents who unite to protect the city in epic battles. It highlights the valuable qualities of courage, unity, and never giving up in the face of adversity.

By chance, Captain Fulle becomes the super spokesperson for Mr. Kim’s Hamburger Shop, making it difficult for him to balance his duties with the Mini Force team. At this critical moment, Bluebell City is facing an unprecedented crisis, and Captain Fulle’s repeated tardiness makes it challenging for the Mini Force to withstand the enemy’s attacks. After yet another failed mission, Xiomie and Captain Fulle have a heated conflict, leading to Captain Fulle’s announcement that he is leaving the Mini Force, greatly weakening their combat strength. However, the Commander appears and inspires Captain Fulle to rejoin the fight for his teammates. Can the Mini Force reconcile and overcome their challenges? Will the five agents be able to defeat Captain Hamburger Monster? The answers await children at the movie theater.


Furthermore, the film is filled with visual elements that children love. High-energy transformation sequences, cool mechas, and imaginative food monsters… each aspect hits the excitement points of young audiences. Led by Captain Fulle, the heroes of the Mini Force bravely confront Captain Hamburger Monster, working together to save Bluebell City from impending danger.

As an immensely popular animated IP among children, “Mini Force: Burger Battle” has planned a series of exciting online and offline activities to create a joyful and meaningful winter experience with young fans. Kids can participate in the “Mini Force Super Cute Kids Selection Competition” where they have the chance to become “reserve members” of the Mini Force team. Moreover, they can also attend the “Mini Force Superhero National Tour” and engage in close interactions with the Mini Force members. This tour will be held in 11 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Suzhou, and Hefei, and is expected to create a colorful storm among children.

We look forward to adults bringing children into the movie theaters to watch “Mini Force: Burger Battle” together, enjoying the visual and auditory delights of food and adorable characters, and experiencing the essence of friendship and courage.








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