The Top Four Tokyo Animation Pitch Grand Prix winners are participating in MIFA2023!

For the first time since 2020, The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is back to Annecy.

Tokyo is home to a thriving animation industry, but much of its highly creative output is unknown outside of Japan. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government wants to change all that. And that’s why support has been given to the efforts of these very creative teams and why the Tokyo animation industry has been promoted to join MIFA. It is possible to open the door to an entire colorful range of Tokyo talent that has not been represented in the global animation market. Unique and technically outstanding, they have so much to offer.

At the Tokyo Animation Pitch Grand Prix, participants showcased advanced know-how and skills through a series of seminars and workshops. Entrants competed for prize money and the opportunity to exhibit their animation work in overseas markets. The winning companies have now taken their first steps toward gaining global recognition.

Top Prize Winner:zelicofilm

Tirector: Saku Sakamoto

Production: Saku Sakamoto


On her way home from school with her classmate, Tamahi, a high school girl, witnesses a strange apparition in front of a colossal apartment building.

Startled and frightened, she enters the building and senses an eerie atmosphere and inexplicable gazes from the environment…

Prize Winners

Zaza the Bug

Production: UrumaDelvi Studio Co. Ltd


Far below the ground where humans live, there is a vast world of Zaza. This animated series centers on “Zamza”, a high school student living in a rural town, and portrays his family, classmates, and girlfriend. Everything like friends, jealousy, betrayal, temptation, etc. is like a microcosm of human society, but with one difference: the good and the bad are quickly forgotten. Because they are bugs…
One day, Zamza lost a football game, but as usual, he quickly forgot about it. However, everything changed when he stumbled upon a KISS video on YouTube. Inspired by the rock stars, Zamza decided to start his own band. But how long will it last?


Production: StudioGOONEYS, Inc.


The story illustrates how a cat and a human rebuild their friendship and grow as a human (cat) being. Jin, a stray cat who was abandoned after a fire, and Kageyama, who regrets not being able to save him.
They happen to meet again at a zoo, and this time they can speak the same language! “CHAT FOOD”, a secretly developed food enabled animals to speak human language.
Jin slowly opens up as he communicates with Kageyama, the zoo animals, and the zookeeper, Mugi. However, their every life is threatened by Kiyomiya, the zoo owner who plans to create military animal force using CHAT FOOD, manipulating the animals. Jin and Kageyama team up with their animal friends to stop Kiyomiya’s evil plans.

Songs of Tokyo

Production: Moon Face Animation


The time is the mid-1950s. It is a story of Iroha, Mi-ke, and Taiko of the music comic storytelling group “Dondoko ikou” performing at entertainment halls. Their dream is to save money to go on tour to various places. The only problem is that they always spend too much money and never accumulate enough. Iroha has a crush on Kumagorou, a quiet repairman, but she is always screwing up and spinning her wheels. This is a hilarious musical animation series of the three protagonists with quirky residents of a fictional downtown port town that will blow away your daily frustrations.

About Tokyo Animation Business Accelerator

Tokyo is home to a thriving animation industry, but much of its highly creative projects are unknown outside of Japan.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government wants to change that by supporting the efforts of very creative companies to promote the Tokyo animation industry by taking part in MIFA.

We’re opening the door to an entire rainbow spectrum of Tokyo’s talent that is rarely represented in the global animation market. With unique stories and outstanding technics, they have so much to offer.


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