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The most effective way to do business in the games industry, MeetToMatch participants at NG23 Spring will be able to schedule dozens of meetings at Slagthuset and online with potential business partners. Don’t delay – upgrade your Nordic Game pass with MeetToMatch now!

MeetToMatch at Slagthuset

MeetToMatch: Venue version (upgrade only available with a Nordic Game event pass):

Four (4) days of meetings with MeetToMatch in the venue at NG23 Spring (23-26 May). All pass holders with a MeetToMatch upgrade automatically receive an account on the MeetToMatch platform.

Times & location (all times CEST):

MeetToMatch will have a dedicated meeting area at Slagthuset. Venue meeting hours: Tuesday, 23 May: 13:00-18:00. Wednesday-Thursday, 24-25 May, 9:30-18:00 and Friday, 26 May, 10:00-15:00.

A MeetToMatch venue upgrade is also required to participate in Publishers & Investors Day in the Developer Showcase at Slagthuset on Tuesday, 23 May.

MeetToMatch online

Join the online edition of MeetToMatch for extra flexibility, with four (4) days of online meetings with MeetToMatch at NG23 Spring (23-26 May). MeetToMatch supports online invites, scheduling and messaging as well as remote video conferencing on their platform. Online meeting hours: Tuesday, 23 May: 11:30-24:00. Wednesday-Thursday, 24-25 May, 00:00-24:00 and Friday, 26 May, 00:00-15:00.

More information about upgrading your NG23 Spring pass with MeetToMatch here and the MeetToMatch platform at

Source:JACOB RIIS/nodicgame

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