Mediawan Rights is thrilled to announce the acquisition of distribution rights for Constantine’s Crossing, a Serbian series produced by Telekom Serbia, which will also be the broadcaster, and Firefly Production. This extremely ambitious and original series marks the first project from the Balkan region to join the Mediawan Rights lineup, confirming Mediawan Rights’ ambition to curate a diverse lineup and boldly position itself in rapidly growing markets.

The Balkan Peninsula has witnessed a surge in its audiovisual production in recent years, demonstrating dynamic transformation and remarkable emergence on the global entertainment stage. These nations, steeped in rich history and cultural diversity, are now emerging as major players in the audiovisual industry, injecting new life into the field. This region has garnered attention from festivals and markets, as evidenced by its presence at the 2024 Series Mania edition, where a panel on the new wave of creativity for series from the Balkans took place on March 19 during the Forum.

Constantine’s Crossing, adapted from the eponymous, widely published novel and recipient of literary awards across Europe, explores multiple genres, blending adventure, thriller, and fantasy. Set against the historical and mythological backdrop of Serbia during World War II, the series unfolds in the outskirts of Nis, where Nazis delve into the city’s foundations in search of Christian artifacts with magical powers. The series will be the battleground between modern evil and ancestral forces consisting of vampires and werewolves.

Constantine’s Crossing is an ambitious project that required the construction of spectacular filming studios near Belgrade. The first season will premiere this year on Telekom Serbia, with a second season already in preparation for 2025.

Valérie Vleeschhouwer, Managing Director of Mediawan Rights, says: “We are pleased to add this authentic series to the Mediawan Rights catalog, reinforcing our commitment to building a development strategy worldwide and seizing this opportunity in Eastern Europe. With a unique narrative inspired by a singular historical backdrop, we are confident that this series has the necessary assets to persuade the international market.”

Aleksandra Martinovic, Director of Multimedia division at Telekom Serbia, says: “This is another major success of Telekom Serbia production which is reflected through the cooperation with major French content distributor Mediawan Rights that holds the rights to the worldwide distribution of the project Constantine’s Crossing. Telekom Serbia continues to internationalize their content through international cooperations by selling its content to the major distributors. It’s clear evidence that the level and creativity of Telekom Serbia production comply with the standards of major worldwide players.”

10X52’ / Genre: Adventure, War, Fantasy, Horror / Serbia / Produced by Telekom Serbia and Firefly Production / Broadcaster: Telekom Serbia

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