Media.Monks India to hold virtual production workshop on 16 March

Media.Monks India hosted a first-of-its-kind open house on virtual production (VP) with live demos and workshops at its Noida campus on 16 March. It is an effort of the company to further integrate filmmaking with technology and showcase the potential of virtual production to filmmakers as the company demonstrated its VP skills and facilities.

Media.Monks India managing director Robert Godinho said, “Media.Monks India is the only studio with published films that have been shot on Virtual Production in our very own state-of-the-art studio. We are the market leaders in this technology and we know what it takes to create content in it. The open house is aimed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to explore this technique which will be part of the future of filmmaking. It is in collaboration with Unreal Engine, the creators of the software for virtual production.”

Virtual production is the future of filmmaking, combining physical and virtual filmmaking techniques to create cutting-edge media. For VP, teams use a real-time 3D engine to create photorealistic digital assets and then display them on large LED walls combined with a physical set using the real-time rendering capabilities of game engines. The cameras are synced with motion trackers for enhanced realism and depth of perspective.

The full-day event was a deep-dive learning experience for decoding VP. Industry experts and veterans shared tips and tricks to achieve magical light, personalised realistic virtual sets, quicker turnaround between shots, hassle-free shoots in locations where permissions were impossible/expensive to obtain, immersive lighting, clean plates and cost-efficient shoots. During the session, the attendees will get a behind-the-scenes look at the workflow of VP, from scripting to pre-vis to the production pipeline.

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