Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

The live-action animated film “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile” has released its trailer and poster. The movie will be officially released in mainland China on April 15th, bringing joy and healing to the audience.  The film is adapted from the original picture book series of the same name by famous American children’s book author Bernard Weber, which has been popular worldwide. It tells the story of Lyle, a crocodile with unique musical talent, who accidentally meets the Primm family that just arrived in New York. From unexpected and humorous encounters to winning over the entire family with his singing, the lively and cute Lyle will sing on the big screen this spring, delivering a wonderful and unparalleled show of joy.

The original soundtrack of the movie “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile” is created by the Oscar-winning music team of the Best Original Song from “The Greatest Showman” and “La La Land”, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, presenting excellent musical quality in the film. Canadian pop singer “Mendes” Shawn Mendes also lends his voice to “cute croc” Lyle. The audience can immerse themselves in the wonderful score in the movie theater and feel the healing power of music that is more powerful than language.

The Primm family, who moved to a new home, came to New York with yearning for a new life. However, young Josh Primm noticed something strange in the attic one day. In a chance encounter, he discovered Lyle’s secret singing talent and quickly became friends with this special crocodile. However, for the Primm couple, Lyle is an uninvited guest. From being caught taking a shower in the bathroom to “swallowing” their neighbor’s Persian cat, a series of hilarious and embarrassing incidents highlights Lyle’s silly and cute personality. Most importantly, Lyle’s unique singing voice has given refuge to the Primm family from their tightly-strung traditional life. From “rejection” to “huge fan”, from “emotionally sensitive” to “emotionally stable”, this cute singing crocodile has become an indispensable part of the Primm family. Lyle, holding the microphone, sings and dances with the Primm family and the funny magician Hector, walking through the lively streets of New York, spreading joy throughout the city, overflowing with wholesomeness. It makes people want to sway their bodies and follow Lyle’s footsteps, bidding farewell to worries in the spring and embracing happiness.

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