Lovebrush Chronicles Update ‘Eden’ Adds Characters & Events

Lovebrush Chronicles Update ‘Eden’ Adds Characters & Events As The Story Continues In A New Desert World

The next storyline in Lovebrush Chronicles is about to begin as players visit the realm of Eden.

NetEase Games has announced the latest update for Lovebrush Chronicles, which will add the desert realm of Eden to the game, continuing the story and introducing new characters and events to the world.

Next Stop – Eden Trailer:

 Lovebrush Chronicles is a romance RPG that strongly focuses on story and building relationships with its five male leads. You play as a college freshman who uses her artistic powers to paint doorways to new worlds, where the love of her life awaits her. Players can summon powerful allies through magical Illustra cards, allowing them to embark on romantic adventures that cross parallel universes.

The next chapter of the story following Godheim, “Eden”, is coming. This realm is covered by a massive desert that hides powerful monsters beneath its golden sands, forcing humanity to build grand underground shelters to survive. A few lucky survivors, known as NEOS, developed supernatural powers that let them fight the sand-dwelling creatures. The NEOS are the only ones able to cross the desert, allowing them to find special tickets to a legendary oasis — Eden.

This new area will be available after the latest update. From December 21, 2023, until January 11, 2024, at 4:00 (UTC+8), players who have reached Lv. 6 and cleared Story Chapter 16-3 can log in and directly explore the new world. Here, players will continue the main storyline, where they visit the post-apocalyptic world of Eden and weave a tale of breathtaking romance at the end of the world. The Eden update will also add new SSR and new SR Illustras, debuting in three themed Illustra Pools. There will also be Activity Events, where server-wide activities unlock new Picturas and other rewards.

In Eden, the player will be able to meet the five male main characters all over again. The new identities of the characters are Ayn – Leader of the Order, Lars – Traveling Merchant, Alkaid – Mysterious Youth, and Clarence – Legendary Mercenary. Players will reunite with them in this time and space, and once again see Cael – Paragon from Another World. They also receive new Illustras based on the main story’s events, showing the characters before and after awakening their powers.

Gem Mining is one of these remarkable events. Each player receives four free Resource Collection attempts daily. After reaching this limit, additional Collection Permits can be purchased for 50 Diamonds, up to 5 times per day. Players who reach a certain level of progress will unlock the Limited Puppet Clothing “Mercenary Special Forces”.

Once the Eden update goes live, the existing main storyline will have its difficulty reduced, and everyone will receive luxurious Diamonds upon completing it for the first time. The first three personal stories are unlocked gradually, with the final one appearing when players have finished the Gem Collection server mission. By December 31, 2023, at 4:00 (UTC+8): when the server’s total Gems collected reaches 100% of the Server Target, the final Personal Story will unlock. Completing these personal stories in Eden will reward players with a 2-Star Pictura.

The Eden event features Eden-themed Limited Illustras in three separate Pools with an Event Exclusive Rate Up. The first pool includes SSR Illustra “Alkaid – Starlight at Hand” and SSR Illustra “Clarence – Chance Meeting”. The second pool has SSR Illustra “Ayn – Everburning” and SSR Illustra “Lars – Atop The Ruins”. The third pool includes SSR Illustra “Cael – Sprout”.

Recolor Illustra & Limited-Time Purchase event

Godheim-themed Recolor Illustras can be equipped onto Godheim Illustras (including SSR/SR/R). Equipping these on Illustras will alter their art, affecting both the Codex and in-battle display. They will be available in both portrait and landscape formats. This applies to Illustras with multiple world themes (such as the chess game-themed series).

New Recolor Illustra “Unforgotten Storybook”  Teaser:

The Eden update to Lovebrush Chronicles will add a ton of new content and allow players to pursue new romances that are familiar yet fresh as they encounter alternate iterations of the male leads. Adventure awaits in Eden, as a world needs saving, and love conquers any evil.

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