“Lovebrush Chronicles” Pre-registration Begins: Dive into a Timeless Romantic Odyssey!

Unlock character secrets and earn rewards as you journey through love across realms and epochs.

Pre-registration for the adventure RPG Lovebrush Chronicles commenced on August 25, 2023.

Delve into the Pre-registration Event: Unveiling Real-World Insights and Game Updates

As the game nears its official debut, fans can expect a slew of intriguing sneak peeks. The game pledges to unveil character insights from the ‘Real World’ once the 50k pre-registration mark is reached. At the 100k milestone, players will be treated to unexpected story twists. This is but a glimpse of what awaits, with further captivating reveals emerging as pre-registration advances.

Navigating the Pre-registration Landscape:

  • Platform Choices: Players can pre-register via the App Store or Google Play. Tap Pre-order/Pre-register to proceed.
  • Email Registration: A straightforward option is to directly use one’s email for pre-registration.
  • Social Media Avenues: Players can also pre-register using familiar platforms like Facebook and X (previously known as Twitter).

The tiered pre-registration rewards have been thoughtfully structured to provide incremental incentives. As players rally to pre-register, a series of rewards await to be unlocked at specific milestones, guaranteeing a gratifying journey right from the outset.

Pre-registration Milestone Rewards:

At 50k Pre-registrations:

  • Gold x20,000
  • Stamina x20

At 100k Pre-registrations:

  • Exclusive Pre-registration Avatar Frame
  • Stamina x30

At 200k Pre-registrations:

  • Diamonds x160
  • Stardust Bell – Bear x3

At 300k Pre-registrations:

  • Pictura – Time of Serenity
  • Engravings – Shadow x3

At 500k Pre-registrations:

  • Old Dutch Paint x10


Raffle for Pre-registered Players:

At 50k Pre-registrations:

  • $10 Amazon Gift Card (10 winners)

At 100k Pre-registrations:

  • $30 Amazon Gift Card (10 winners)

At 200k Pre-registrations:

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card (10 winners)

At 300k Pre-registrations:

  • iPad Air (1 winner)

At 500k Pre-registrations:

  • iPhone 14 (1 winner)

This systematic approach not only ensures rewards for every participant, but also brings a touch of excitement with the chance of winning premium prizes.

Amplify the Excitement with the “Invite Friends, Win Rewards” event:

This initiative encourages gamers to share their passion for Lovebrush Chronicles with friends. By inputting the unique “Friend Codes” of friends, players will stand a chance to win enticing prizes. Completing tasks grants additional raffle entries, with opportunities to win an iPad Air, $50 Amazon Gift Card, and a $10 Amazon Gift Card, among other exciting gifts!

For players who enter three distinct “Fervor Codes” during this phase, the prizes are even better: they’re guaranteed to receive 1 Old Dutch Paint and 5 Stardust Bell – Bear in-game assets upon the game’s official release.

On the social front, the official X account beckons players for a follow and a repost, offering them an opportunity to win the coveted Amazon Gift Card along with other prizes.

The allure of Lovebrush Chronicles is undeniable, and this prelude only promises more surprises down the lane. For avid followers, staying looped in is the key.

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