Limited-Time Event Cataclysm Finally Arrives in Anthem

Anthem finally received its long-time due event Cataclysm which was meant to save Anthem from its poor launch. However, after much delays and other problems with the base game, Cataclysm finally went live yesterday in Anthem and it looks good. After a really buggy start, Bioware moved most of the developers to other projects however only a small team was left behind for Anthem.

Thanks to their hard work, the limited-time event Cataclysm is amazing and the update it arrived in fixes tons of other issues and problems with the game as well. According to the announced roadmap, Cataclysm was to arrive in May but the developers shifted their focus on fixing the base game rather than adding more content to the buggy game. All roadmap plans were canceled back then.

Bioware claims that Cataclysm is the biggest event in Anthem so far and it will run for eight weeks. They also released a brand new trailer which showcases bits of the new content arriving in the game. The content will keep rolling in Anthem over the course of these eight weeks adding more challenges and Inversions arriving weekly.

Cataclysm brings with it brand new story missions that players will be able to complete in the game. Players must make certain progress in the base game’s main story and also complete the Cataclysm event to get access to these brand new missions. Leaderboards have also arrived in the game and players will be able to battle for the top spot by completing single-objective challenges. Seasonal currency for Cataclysm is also in the game as well.

For a complete rundown on what has arrived in Anthem along with the detailed list of updates and fixes, you can check out the official patch notes on EA’s site.

Check out the gameplay trailer of Anthem’s Cataclysm below.




By: Umair Khalid

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