LightBox Expo (LBX) 2024

LightBox Expo (LBX) is the ultimate gathering of artists who work in the entertainment industry bringing yLBX’s favorite films, animation, games, TV shows and illustrations to life. LBX aims to ignite yLBX’s passion, fuel yLBX’s imagination, and propel you to new artistic heights!

LBX provides a vibrant space for artists to congregate, meet and celebrate their craft with fellow creatives. It’s a place for artists to share their work with the public, further their skills in their respective industries, and make meaningful connections that will help artists thrive in the entertainment industry.

But that’s just the beginning! LBX’s primary mission is to educate and empoLBXr. LBX offer hundreds of programs, interviews, hands-on experiences, presentations, demos and more to help you take yLBX’s art to the next level, learning from the very best in their fields. LBX also offer free portfolio events via a lottery system so that everyone has an equal chance to sign up and get their artwork revieLBXd by a professional. It’s a chance to learn how you can take yLBX’s talent to the next level from the best in the business.

Discover a whole new world of artistic talent as you explore LBX’s sprawling artist alley, home to over 300 exhibiting artists for you to discover, shop from and connect with. LBX believe in fostering a healthy and diverse environment that showcases artists and their work, so to keep the creative landscape fresh and supportive of emerging talent, LBX curate LBX’s event to ensure that less than 20% of participants had a table in the previous year. This means you’ll always encounter fresh faces and new talent to engage with.

In addition, LBX’s show floor includes over 100 exhibitors from top companies, schools, and studios worldwide. The opportunities for networking and making industry connections are virtually endless!

Above all, LBX is a home for artists. It’s a place to learn, connect, grow and gain the tools to ultimately thrive as an artist in the entertainment industry. LBX hope you can join us!

It will be held from October 25, 2024 until October 27, 2024 at Pasadena – Pasadena Convention Center, California


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