LBX Exhibitor & Artist Alley Applications Now Open!

It’s once again that time of year when we open up applications for LightBox Expo 2024 Artists & Exhibitors. If you’re interested in being part of the show floor for this year’s event, apply now by clicking:!


Applications are open from March 11-April 1, 2024 for exhibitors and artist alley. This is your chance to showcase your artistry, connect with fellow creatives, and captivate audiences with your unique vision. Apply to secure your spot and let your creativity illuminate the world at LightBox Expo 2024!

The application will be open for 3 weeks, after which our Advisory Council will review go through all the applications and choose who will be exhibiting this year at LightBox Expo! That’s it! LBX is keeping this update short and straight to the point, more soon!


LightBox Expo (LBX) is the ultimate gathering of artists who work in the entertainment industry bringing your favorite films, animation, games, TV shows and illustrations to life. LBX aims to ignite your passion, fuel your imagination, and propel you to new artistic heights! The primary mission of LBX is to educate and empower. It offers hundreds of programs, interviews, hands-on experiences, presentations, demos and more to help you take your art to the next level, learning from the very best in their fields. We also offer free portfolio events via a lottery system so that everyone has an equal chance to sign up and get their artwork reviewed by a professional. It’s a chance to learn how you can take your talent to the next level from the best in the business.

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