Large AI models drive the digital human industry upgrade and empower small and medium-sized enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In recent years, influenced by the uncertain global economic environment and the pressure to recover production after the pandemic, “cost reduction and efficiency enhancement” has become the key to unleashing economic development vitality and a universal consensus in the operation of enterprises in our country. Digital transformation has become an inevitable choice for enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement in the new era.

More than 70% of the respondents believe that cost reduction and efficiency enhancement are the primary application values of AI-powered digital assistants. Meanwhile, in the digital era, the security of enterprise information and data is crucial, and one of the key concerns with digital assistants is data security and privacy protection. Therefore, service-oriented digital assistants that can help achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement goals while ensuring data protection are the future development trend.

In 2023, the breakthrough of AIGC technology will accelerate the disruption of certain industries by large AI models and bring new opportunities to the digital human industry. Driven by large AI models, the combination of deep learning-based natural language generation technology and digital assistants becomes feasible. This holds the promise of significantly increasing the intelligence level of digital assistants, overcoming challenges such as high technical barriers and significant financial investment, truly endowing digital assistants with human-like elements. Small and medium-sized enterprises can reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency by applying AI-driven digital assistants. Currently, China’s virtual digital human industry policies are in the preliminary planning stage. With continuous exploration and improvement through subsequent practices, policy measures and industry standards will be further refined, promoting the rapid development of digital human technology and providing a better environment for the high-quality development of the digital human industry.

The richness of digital assistants is an important indicator for evaluating the coverage of enterprises in the field of digital assistants. A wide variety of digital assistant types and application scenarios means that enterprises can provide diversified digital assistant solutions for different industries and needs. The more types of digital assistants a company offers, the broader the coverage in various industries and fields. This enables them to meet the diverse needs of different customers and expand applications in multiple domains, achieving comprehensive integration and development along the industry chain.

The application potential represents the ability of AI digital assistant enterprises to create new business opportunities and potential to change people’s lives and work styles. It is an important indicator for assessing the future development potential and market value space of enterprises. To truly integrate AI digital assistants into people’s daily lives and achieve large-scale adoption, advanced artificial intelligence technology alone is not enough. It also requires in-depth examination and understanding of various application scenarios and end-user needs. AI digital assistant enterprises need to break through product homogeneity, enhance application potential, and build unique competitive advantages in order to lead the industry towards broader development opportunities.

Against the backdrop of the integration and development of artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies, Chinese digital assistant technology vendors are actively exploring AI digital assistants as a new business field. However, the current AI digital assistant industry still faces challenges and bottlenecks in terms of technological innovation, data security, usage costs, and cross-domain integration. Digital assistant vendors with strong AI innovation capabilities, diverse application scenarios, successful product implementation, and integration capabilities across the industry chain are expected to break through industry bottlenecks, lead industry development, and drive the widespread application and continuous innovation of digital assistant technology.

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