Laidback Lu Illustration NFT Pre-Sales Started

Laidback Lu Illustration NFT Pre-Sales Started on May 19 (EST)!

Culture Connect will release Taka Kato’s animation project, “Laidback Lu” illustrations as a full on-chain generative NFT on Ethereum.

Taka Kato is a talented creator whose fields of activity include picture books, illustration, and animation.

Her collaboration with a Nouns DAO member, Satoshi Nakajima realizes this very rare project.

Laidback Lu full on-chain generative NFT pre-sales started at 5 p.m. on May 19, 2023 Eastern Standard Time at Laidback Lu website.

The NFT buyers are eligible to receive the picture book or a digest PDF version related to this NFT series as a gift. (Please visit Laidback Lu website for more details.)

Laidback Lu is born as  one of Taka Kato’s animation projects.


Lu is a young ambitious tea maker. Lu’s family inherits an extraordinary power to make something called “Tea of Life”. That tastes different from rabbit to rabbit, depending on their life experiences.

Lu travels from town to town to meet people, experience emotions and relationships. Lu will experience many kinds of emotions and collect the essence of Tea of Life.


Lu is a laid-back rabbit, fearless and resourceful. Once he faces troubles, he takes a sip of tea, flaps his ears, then finds the solutions. When Lu drinks tea in a comfortable spot, savoring this moment, the symbol comes out of his cup as the steam.

In this collaboration, Taka Kato disassembled the illustration components of”Laidback Lu” and cut them out as SVG data. This is then used to generate a generative NFT. By supervising the combination of these elements, the creator’s copyrights are protected.

With our innovative approach realizes full on-chain generative NFT on Ethereum meets economical rationality.

Thanks to our cutting edge technology, Laidback Lu NFT holders to permanently own the NFT art as long as Ethereum is working.

Taka will be at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s booth B.13 at MIFA, Annecy, France in June 13-16, 2023

NFT purchasers may receive Taka’s autographed Thank You Card there. (The numbers are limited.)

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