Kidscreen Summit2023

Kidscreen Summit is renowned as the kids entertainment industry’s most important annual event. In 2020, the last in-person Summit welcomed more than 2,200 attendees from 50-plus countries. Top executives attend regularly to take advantage of the year’s best business networking, and to engage in critical dialogue on issues that affect the industry.


  • Build your business by networking with potential partners in all sectors.
  • Discover new talent and recharge existing relationships.
  • Recognize and understand current market needs, opportunities and challenges.
  • Engage in critical dialogue on issues that affect the industry.
  • Rejuvenate your creativity and passion.

You’ll make new connections, share ideas that drive your business forward, discover the latest trends, AND have fun doing it!


  • TV Programming, Acquisitions & Development Executives
  • Producers & Creators
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Licensors & Licensees
  • Marketers
  • Digital Media Content Creators & Distributors

Here recommend one of the works in Kidscreen:

“Gustav, The Forest Keeper”

“Gustav, The Forest Keeper” concept revamping!

Culture Connect brings Kanaban Graphics’ Fantasy Comedy Animation Series, Gustav, The Forest Keeper with a pilot movie to Kidscreen Summit 2023!


Gustav the Forest Keeper is a preschool series aimed at 4-8 year olds centered on the adventures of Gustav, a young forest spirit following in his Forest Keeper father’s footsteps, as he protects the natural balance of the Gavotte Wood.

Though Gustav’s own Forest Keeper magic is mysteriously dormant, he doesn’t let that slow him down. He uses his ingenuity and imagination to create wonderful inventions which allow him, along with help from his best friend Rita the Bee, to keep the forest dwellers of the wood happy and safe.

So come along with Gustav and uncover new kinds of forest magic and mystery with each rollicking adventure!

Series Overview

As a FOREST KEEPER, GUSTAV is tasked with maintaining the delicate balance of the GAVOTTE WOOD. Each episode begins with a new trouble arising, caused either by a well-meaning forest dweller accidentally disrupting a natural process, a nefarious villain making an intentional attempt to bend the forest to their will, or occasionally human pollution intruding in a harmful way. Once Gustav is alerted to the trouble by one of his handcrafted ALARM SYSTEMS, he rushes to save the day with his satchel of incredible FOREST KEEPER TOOLS and his trusty partner RITA THE BEE by his side!

Gustav and Rita make an action-packed FIRST ATTEMPT to resolve the issue in the forest, but their efforts only throws the wood deeper into slapstick chaos. Even though Gustav’s intentions are good, the relationships that govern the Forest are complicated and he has a lot to learn!

Now that things are really out of control, Gustav and Rita are forced to reconsider their strategy. At this point they are able attune themselves to the world around them and a deeper FOREST MAGIC IS REVEALED in an imaginative fantasy sequence. These sequences communicate the wonder and mystery of the natural world in a playful and exciting fashion. Armed with this new perspective, Gustav and Rita are finally able to set things right in a whimsical climax.

With the forest balance restored, Gustav REPORTS ON THE DAY’S ADVENTURE to his Forest Keeper father, the majestic and inscrutable GODFRIED, in a striking moonlit coda. All is well for now, but anything could happen next!

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