Kickstarter Campaign Launches for AR Game Leap Trigger

Crowdfunding campaign begins for novel AR hero shooter game, set to launch globally in 2021

On Dec 18,Graffity, an augmented reality game company, launched its Kickstarter campaign for the novel AR hero shooter game, Leap Trigger. The campaign aims to raise $7500 USD (750,000JPY) to produce new champions and buddies in the upcoming game, which is targeted to launch globally for iOS and Android AR-supported devices in 2021.

Find out more about this project’s goals, and watch the campaign’s new Kickstarter video here:

Leap Trigger is a free-to-play AR hero shooter combining PvP with mystical and man-made “buddies”. Players can become “champions” and gain unique abilities. Leap Trigger also makes it fun to move! Players must move their body to dodge the opponent’s bullets and hit the opponent with Ultimate Skill from advantageous positions. The battlefield for Leap Trigger can be at home, in the park, at school or any open space.

Toshiaki Morimoto, CEO of Graffity, said: “We’re excited for the launch of our Kickstarter campaign for Leap Trigger. Your contributions and enthusiasm will make Leap Trigger become the best game it could be. With your support and feedback, we will be able to polish and perfect this game. Let’s create this brand-new genre of ‘AR hero shooter games’ together!”

Shinichiro Aiki, Executive Officer of BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc., said: “BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc. is a company that develops games, experiences, and original interfaces with cutting-edge technology to enable entertainment and gameplay to escape the confines of a screen or a monitor. Graffity’s HoloBreak, which was developed in our BANDAI NAMCO Accelerator Program, received extremely high ratings from both players and administrators during our open test plays at our company’s amusement park, VSPARK. Leap Trigger is an even more advanced version of HoloBreak, so I cannot help but to expect amazing results. I am very much looking forward to its release.”

Masaru Ohnogi, co-founder and CBO of Thirdverse, said: “In the history of games, console, PC, mobile, VR and all game devices included, multiplayer games is one of the most popular genres, and at our company, Thirdverse, we have invested and developed in multiplayer games like the VR sword action game, Swords of Gargantua. AR requires a completely different development concept since the games are embedded in reality, however, multiplayer AR games are sure to be popular, too. Leap Trigger utilizes the very essence of augmented reality, and its gameplay is extremely exciting. I look forward to working with Graffity and supporting them in this new endeavor.”

Ori Inbar, co-founder and CEO of Augmented World Expo, said: “Looking forward to seeing how players react to Graffity’s game changer in the world of AR: Leap Trigger.”

Successfully meeting the Kickstarter target will enable Graffity to continue creating more champions and buddies in-game to make Leap Trigger the best game it can be, which has already been in development since earlier this year. Throughout the campaign, Graffity will add more reward tiers as funding milestones are hit.

Learn more about Leap Trigger and follow the crowdfunding campaign here:

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About Graffity Inc.

Graffity Inc. is a Tokyo-based augmented reality game company founded in 2017 with the mission of “Play AR Play Real”, which means to change communication through AR entertainment. The company is tenured in AR development, having launched four AR communication apps in two years, including the world’s first AR battle, Pechabato, which achieved 160K downloads organically. Graffity has raised $2.7 million from investors and is currently developing a new AR hero shooter game called Leap Trigger that will make AR gaming even more fun and engaging. For more information, visit


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