Kanaban Graphics Comes to MIFA with Two Beautiful Animated Series for Kids!

Kanaban Graphics  will bring two beautiful kids animated series projects to MIFA 2023.

They are:

BYTHEWAY, An Adventuring Alien

Production: Kanaban Graphics

Status: Early Pre-Production


Bytheway arrived on the Earth from a distant galaxy. Full of curiosity, everything he sees on this strange new planet is an exciting adventure.

Skateboards, popcorn, and even rain are new to him. Bytheway doesn’t know anything about the Earth. The rules or customs. So his actions are sometimes seem outrageous and cause troubles. Through these experiences he gradually grows up.

When he feels happy or sad, he expresses his feelings by dancing.

“Gustav, The Forest Keeper”

Creator: Satoshi Tomioka/Aguri Miyazaki

Production: Kanaban Graphics

Status: Early Pre-Production


Gustav the Forest Keeper is centered on the adventures of Gustav, a young forest spirit following in his Forest Keeper father’s footsteps. He protects the natural balance of the Gavotte Forest.

Though Gustav’s own Forest Keeper magic is mysteriously dormant, he doesn’t let that slow him down. He uses his ingenuity and imagination to create wonderful inventions.  Along with help from his best friend Rita the Bee, to keep the forest dwellers of the wood happy and safe.

So come along with Gustav and uncover new kinds of forest magic and mystery with each rollicking adventure!

About Kanaban Graphics:

Kanaban Graphics is an award-winning CGI animation studio based in Tokyo. Kanaban Graphics develops original animation series, video game movies and commercial films.

Kanaban Graphics is able to carry a project through all stages from pre to post-production, covering all areas from planning, script writing, character design, animation, compositing to recording of music and sound.

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