The developers of indie hit “Paradise Killer” return with the world’s first Open World Mascot Manager Crime Drama, developed in collaboration with renowned Japanese developer Ikumi Nakamura.

Award winning independent game studio Kaizen Game Works are proud to announce their second game: the world’s first (and best) open world mascot management crime drama, Promise Mascot Agency.

Michi, a disgraced yakuza lieutenant, is exiled to a cursed town to turn a bankrupt mascot agency into a profitable enterprise. As he struggles in his new life, can he manage to create a successful business and unravel the conspiracy behind his exile? He’s helped by Assistant Manager Pinky, who happens to be a mascot herself.

Players will explore their new home of Kaso-Machi in Michi’s run-down (but upgradable!) truck. There’s plenty to discover in this forgotten Japanese town – new friends to make, collectibles to find (and destroy), other businesses to partner with and, most importantly, a variety of mascots to recruit.

As we all know, mascots are living creatures that have coexisted with mankind since the dawn of history. Mascots have their own hopes, dreams and desires and you’ll need to negotiate to recruit them. Some mascots want money, some want fame, some want a rice ball from the local convenience store and some want to see the entire world burn to ashes in purifying hellfire.

Once they’re on the books, mascots can be trained and sent out on a variety of jobs to make money, gain experience and spread the name of the Promise Mascot Agency far and wide! Of course, jobs don’t always go to plan – whether it’s a narrow doorway, kitchens catching on fire or dreadful nightmare spirits, danger lurks around every corner. It’s up to the player to assist their imperilled employee using Hero Cards, cards representing a variety of characters Michi will meet during his days in Kaso-Machi. With tactical card usage, a mascot can overcome any challenge and win hearts, minds and a healthy paycheque.

Additionally, Kaizen Game Works are thrilled to have collaborated with well-known Japanese developer Ikumi Nakamura (The Evil Within, Ghostwire: Tokyo) and concept artist Mai Mattori on concept and art direction for Promise Mascot Agency. The pair helped Kaizen design and develop the world and characters, working together to create a unique Yakuza family, a repurposed love hotel and a cast of memorable, occasionally-horrific mascots!

To bring the concept art to life, Kaizen Game Works worked with Inko Ai Takita, a Japanese manga artist based in the UK who illustrated Promise Mascot Agency’s band of freaks and weirdos in her signature manga style. We can’t wait for you to meet them all.

Promise Mascot Agency features a soundtrack from two composers. Firstly, Irish musician Alpha Chrome Yayo (real name Peter McCaughan) has been self-releasing a vast catalogue of diverse, genre-twisting albums since 2018 and is bringing his unique musical mind to the streets of Kaso-Machi. Additionally, the game will feature music from Japanese industry veteran Ryo Koike (Resident Evil 4 (2023), Ninja Gaiden II).

“Promise Mascot Agency rules. Working with Ikumi, Mai, Kowloon and all of our new friends has been amazing. Please be excited to buy play it. #kaizenyachtquest” – Oli Clarke Smith, Game Director

“We’ve poured our heart and soul into this game. We are so excited for you to visit Kaso-Machi and its inhabitants, we hope you enjoy getting to know Michi, Pinky, and the rest of our latest band of weirdos and freaks. Please enjoy.” – Rachel Noy, Art Director

“Promise Mascot Agency is filled with amazing characters, and we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know them as much as we enjoyed bringing them to life. We’re so excited to let everyone explore Kaso-Machi in Michi’s kei truck.” – Phil Crabtree, Technical Director

“Man, I’m finally going to be famous and be on talk shows and get into scandals and take on ill-advised endorsement deals! Anyway, can’t sit around yapping when we’ve got a business to run, a criminal conspiracy to uncover and a corrupt old mayor to bury in the woods!” – Pinky, Assistant Manager of the Promise Mascot Agency

Can Michi create the most successful mascot agency in Japan and discover the secrets behind his own exile in the process? Will Pinky ever solve her terrifying anger issues? Did that truck just grow wings? Find out all this and more when Promise Mascot Agency comes to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows in 2025. For more information, please visit https://www.kaizengameworks.com/.

Promise Mascot Agency was developed with financial assistance from Kowloon Nights and the UK Global Screen Fund, financed by the UK Government’s department for Culture, Media and Sport and administered by the BFI. Kaizen Game Works is extremely grateful to both.

About Kaizen Game Works

Kaizen Game Works is a UK-based independent game studio formed in 2018 and composed of games industry veterans. Kaizen has a focus on player agency and story interactivity, changing how players immerse themselves in game worlds and narratives. Their first title, Paradise Killer, was one of 2020’s breakout indie hits, winning multiple global awards.

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