Jadu Launches First-Ever Mobile Augmented Reality Fighting Game

Designed for the future of gaming, players can fight opponents virtually in their physical space

Jadu, the team behind a first-of-its-kind multiplayer augmented reality fighting game for mobile,  announced its game of the same name is now available as a free download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices. Using the Jadu app, players convert their physical world into an arena where their avatars clash with remote opponents.

Two Jadu characters fight in Echo Park, Los Angeles

How the Game Works

  • Imagine Street Fighter brought to life in the real world.
  • In this innovative concept, players take command of their avatars within the physical realm, engaging in thrilling real-time player-versus-player (PvP) battles from a distance.
  • Players have the freedom to build their own avatar, start rivalries with friends, or compete against new opponents in this fighting game from the future.

GRIMES, Snoop Dogg, Michael Bay, Lewis Hamilton Collaborations

  • The single player campaign mode features fights with alien robots designed in collaboration with Transformers Producer/Director Michael Bay.
  • Rare items are hidden within the game including Hoverboards designed by Lewis Hamilton, GRIMES and Snoop Dogg.

About the Development Team

Built by Jadu’s Los Angeles-based studio, the Jadu game is led by CEO & Founder Asad J. Malik who’s been named one of Variety’s 10 Innovators to Watch, Rolling Stone’s Future 25, Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and Adweek’s Young Influentials. Malik is known for creating critically-acclaimed AR narrative storytelling projects Terminal 3 and A Jester’s Tale which premiered at Tribeca and Sundance Film Festivals, positioning him as an AR visionary before even completing his undergraduate degree. He has directed next-gen AR experiences featuring icons like Serena Williams and Lil Nas X.

“After 7 years building AR projects, we finally feel like we’ve created a truly spatial experience that is also widely accessible to the next generation of gamers who’ve grown up on smartphones,” said Malik. “Fighting the ghostly presence of a remote player in your physical space is an experience that has tickled the imagination of our beta players.”

Jadu’s AR Pushes Modern Mobile Gaming Forward

Equipped with LiDAR sensors, high-resolution cameras and fast networking, modern smartphones are more capable than most consumers realize. Jadu makes the most of these features to create an immersive gaming experience that has never been possible on any other platform.

 Jadu avatars use real walls to land a charged attack in Tokyo, Japan

Social media AR filters are still focused on recording 2D videos rather than offering a 3D spatial experience. Map-based AR was popularized by Pokemon Go over 7 years ago now. In Jadu’s vision of AR the rear camera allows players to truly use their world as a video game level, where virtual characters can slam each other into real world walls. Additionally, the genre of fighting games is long overdue for revitalization, as traditional titles like Mortal Kombat were originally designed for arcades and consoles but have yet to make a meaningful transition to mobile devices.

Over 100,000 matches have been played in Jadu by 10,000 people while the game was in beta for the first half of this year.

“Jadu is one of the most ambitious attempts at consumer AR I’ve seen in a while,” said Niko Bonatsos, Managing Director at General Catalyst. “Asad and his incredible team of designers, engineers and creatives have years of building AR and we believe the company is uniquely positioned to offer Gen Z/Gen Alpha a new form of gaming experience.”

Jadu is an experience tailored for fighting game enthusiasts, mid-core mobile gamers and the AR curious. The game is available globally on iOS and Android. Prepare to fight in AR by downloading the game now at www.jadu.ar.

About Jadu

Jadu is a first-of-its-kind multiplayer augmented reality fighting game for iOS & Android. Players control their avatars in the physical space to remotely fight others in intense real-time PvP clashes. Jadu AR Inc. has raised $42M from investors including Bain Capital Crypto, General Catalyst, LG Tech Ventures, Com2Us, LionTree, Gaingels and others.

For more information about Jadu’s AR mobile game, visit www.jadu.ar or follow Jadu on their socials.

Discord: https://discord.gg/jadu

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jadu.ar/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jadu.ar

X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/Jadu_AR

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