Iranian Singer Kourosh Anoosh to Perform First Ever Persian Rendition of Andrea Bocelli

Mansour Jahani – The Iranian international singer of the Swiss National Orchestra, Kourosh Anoosh, sings in the album “Wings of Flight” for the first time ever in Persian of Andrea Bocelli who is a musical legend and one of the most popular vocal artists around the globe.

In his latest music album “Wings of Flight”, Anoosh has performed in Persian a number of Andrea Bocelli’s songs.

The album, which is a combination of the world’s best and most memorable musical pieces, will soon be available for all music lovers across the country.

Mohammadreza Aghili, a well-known Iranian orchestra conductor, composer, and musician, has played a major role in the making of “Wings of Flight” and has handpicked skilled and eminent performers so as to provide a decent rearrangement of these unforgettable pieces.

Amir Shamloo has written most of the lyrics in Persian, and the recording, mixing, and mastering of the album has been done by Milad Farhoodi at Pop Studio of Tehran.

Andrea Bocelli was born on 22, September, 1958 in the city of Lajatico of Tuscany County, Italy. Already suffering from amblyopia since childhood, Bocelli went completely blind at twelve years of age when a ball hit him in the face at a school football game.

Bocelli is one of the most prominent singers of Italy pursuing classical music. He has received numerous awards for his professional endeavors and has toured in most countries of the world. He is also a soccer enthusiast and a huge fan of the Inter Milan team. The famed singer attended Leicester City’s championship party and performed for the occasion.

Kourosh Anoosh, an Iranian-Swiss artist is about 26 years old and lives in Switzerland; he has been performing alongside the Swiss National Orchestra as an opera singer for the past 17 years at the best and biggest music halls in a variety of countries all around the globe.

“Perceive My Hands” is his first music album to be performed in Farsi, with the song “Persian Gulf” which has been composed and sung by himself making a huge wave among music lovers.

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