Iranian film director Jafar Panahi was released from prison

Mrs. Tahereh Saeidi, the wife of famous Iranian cinema director “Jafar Panahi”, announced in a phone call to Mansour Jahani, an independent and international cinema reporter, that with the efforts of Mr. Saleh Nikbakht and Yusef Moulai, her lawyers; Per hour 19 Today, Friday, February 3, 2023, “Jafar Panahi” was released from Tehran’s Evin prison.

“Saleh Nikbakht”, a well-known Iranian lawyer, said in an interview with “Mansour Jahani”, an independent film reporter, about the latest status of the “Jafar Panahi” case: Although I am happy about Mr. Panahi’s release; But it must be said that his release should have taken place three months ago, following the acceptance of our objection to his previous court decision. I am surprised by these “sledgehammer encounters” with Mr. Panahi and other artists, writers, intellectuals and journalists and generally protestors of the status quo. As they even neglect to implement the decision of the highest judicial authority.

Dr. Nikbakht continued her speech and said: The decision of the Supreme Court was issued following our objection to Mr. Panahi’s previous sentence on October 18, 2022, and Mr. Panahi should have been released on bail immediately.

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