IP role “live” into the mobile phone to explore the new future of virtual and real connection

iMaker/ Wanxiang Technology IP role “live” into the mobile phone to explore the new future of virtual and real connection

You may not think that Felix Cat has soon 105th anniversary, 15 years of continuous “Naruto”, has finished 8 years. No matter how long the time has passed, the classic anime characters are always vividly remembered.
Wanlike Technology created and launched a system-level interactive virtual companion application “interactive desktop” APP in 2022, with diversified interaction and cultivation functions, users can open their mobile phones, and their favorite characters can interact.
Let the IP role “live” in the mobile phone
Open the interactive desktop, the user can through the interactive desktop’s “one type live” function, so that their favorite IP and the past “far away” role one second “drill” into the mobile phone. Fans of Kung Fu Panda, for example, can check in with the cheeky Po, who will appear on the lock screen and desktop. At the same time, the customized IP role will also be fixed on the mobile desktop in the form of Q desktop pendant. Open the interactive desktop, you can also see the game “Fairy Sword Legend” classic character Zhao Linger, the novel “Tomb Raiding Notes” soul role “little brother” Zhang Qiling, “Fire Shadow” inside the classic role, etc.
Wanlike Technology not only has a deep understanding of IP’s world view, human design, scene, plot and other content, but also has a deep insight into user behavior according to the characteristics of multi-terminal hardware, and has independently developed a set of interactive logic of IP characters, and strives to restore the “soul” of IP characters. We are committed to utilizing AI-driven digital technology and content to reveal the unique soul of each terminal and bring a truly personalized experience to each user.
System native applications make the future more possible
In addition to the mobile terminal, the “interactive desktop” will also be online in the future, the car terminal, the smart home terminal, the large screen and other ports. Based on the differences in various terminal forms, the accompaniment and service of IP will also be adjusted accordingly. Break through the limitations of terminal equipment and strive to achieve the “most appropriate” educational experience.
“Interactive desktop” can also give IP characters voice, intelligent perception, scene judgment and other capabilities by mobilizing system capabilities. Through artificial intelligence and other related technologies, each IP role in the interactive desktop has a richer form of interaction, bringing the depth of continuous “intelligent iteration” to users.
Based on interactive desktop products, it can also connect many of our life scenes, so that users’ favorite characters are always accompanied, making life more intelligent and colorful. For example, the entry of game characters can allow game users to experience in-depth companionship and interaction, and game manufacturers can perceive user behavior habits more deeply, and provide users with more appropriate services and product sales through the background after data aggregation. Two-way interactive exploration makes the integration of content and technology closer to life. For the launch of new characters in the game, the hardware products can be directly connected with users and marketing new products; Based on blockchain technology, the data granularity can more accurately capture users’ preferences and behaviors, provide more accurate marketing for brand in-depth marketing, and reduce customer acquisition costs. For users, instant experience and companionship, and more intelligent product interaction can make life more interesting and convenient.
In the case of movie and drama marketing, interactive desktop wallpaper can also let users’ favorite characters live in the mobile phone, and use the role fan value effect to provide the connection between film and television content and life. For the marketing of content products, allowing characters to reach the audience directly can achieve the expected pre-screening marketing effect, and can actively recommend behavioral users to achieve the effect of publicity and promotion. The vivid interaction of roles in terms of users can satisfy the audience’s idol value acquisition, and at the same time make their idols “serve” for themselves. At the same time, based on the future product design, users can also scan the main characters of the movie through the Mei-Chen device at the entrance of the theater, generate AR interaction and punch the card interaction, generate character photos, and use them as their own special desktop. The interactive task game in the interactive desktop home can also increase the frequency of user use to achieve increased activity, to participate in the video offline punching activities.
In the smart home life scene, the role is the life butler chosen by the user for himself, through the mobile phone remote control, to evoke all the household products in the home, so as to more deeply let the love for life and service. IP roles provide users with an intelligent, convenient and secure living environment. Make virtual reality, create a more realistic sense of science and technology, the sense of the future. The IP role can provide corresponding services through the various screens and terminal systems of the smart home according to the use of behavioral habits, and truly achieve customized butler service for personal preferences. The role of the interactive desktop can really make the IP role from love to practical, in the exploration of future life, it is like a link connecting reality and virtual, connecting people and the Internet of things.
Let IP characters “live” in the mobile phone, combined with continuous innovation of science and technology, to explore the future of virtual and real connectivity to provide unlimited possibilities.

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