Infinite Lagrange’s Dawn Celebration Event Will Bring Fun & Rewards

New and returning explorers can compete to earn amazing rewards during the limited-time event.

A new era has arrived in Infinite Lagrange, and NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999), can share that the Dawn Celebration event has kicked off, where explorers can take part in fun minigames, earn rewards, and experience the full majesty of the galaxy. Launching alongside the Lagrange Generation update and its new Strategic Asset mechanics, the Dawn Celebration is a historic event not to be missed!

In the lore of Infinite Lagrange, the Dawn Celebration is the annual commemoration of the signing of the Dawn Accord, which was the treaty that laid the foundation of unity for humankind across the galaxy. When the Dawn Accord was signed, humanity agreed to explore the unknown universe with a mutual goal of development and progress rather than bloodshed and conflict. The Dawn Celebration signifies that the new generation is all about humanity and its mission to expand to the stars.

The Dawn Celebration Event Brings Air Racing To Infinite Lagrange

The Dawn Celebration event in Infinite Lagrange begins on August 16th, 2023, and will last two weeks. Those participating in the Dawn Celebration can party with fellow explorers and challenge their rivals in unique games. The greatest is the Air Racing Competition, where explorers must maneuver planes through City of Antontas. In this game mode, you’ll be able to use a variety of new fighters and race on multiple tracks as you dodge and weave through the city spires. You can also directly challenge other explorers, while entire organizations can throw down the gauntlet to their competitors to see who has the best pilots.

Take A Trip Through the City of Antontas On A Sightseeing Tour

Not all of the activities during the Dawn Celebration will be taxing, as you can sit back, relax, and participate in the Sightseeing Tour. Here, you can select from one of several different routes and take a train ride through the city, watching the Dawn Celebration happen from the comfort of your seat.

The Dawn Celebration Brings New Limited-Time Awards To Infinite Lagrange

Those who participate in the Air Racing, Sightseeing Tour in the City of Antontas, and complete the daily mission will earn Proxima Coins, which can be spent on all kinds of goodies. There are also Dynamic Emblems and Cosmetic Points that can be earned during the Dawn Celebration.

To commemorate the Dawn Celebration event launch, new Dawn Celebration Limited Packs will be released, including a pack containing the ST59 Livery. In addition, to coincide with the official release of Lagrange Generation Legacy, strategic asset packs will also be released for the first time, which explorers can buy with Proxima Coins. The new Strategic Assets will unlock all kinds of advantages and equipment for your fleet!

Returning Servers Have Been Launched To Welcome Explorers Back

If you’re a long-time explorer who wants to return for the Dawn Celebration, then Infinite Lagrange has you covered, as the Return Server will be reopened from August 16th to the 30th. The Return Server is designed to welcome explorers back to the game and give them lots of content to acquaint them with the new content and features implemented in their absence. This will help explorers quickly restart their galactic exploration and get back on the road to success. Explorers can see if they’re eligible for the Return Server by checking out the official Infinite Lagrange website and social media channels.

Explorers from all over the galaxy will participate in the Dawn Celebration event. This is a time of camaraderie for the fans, with the festival atmosphere felt all across the cities and stations of the cosmos. We look forward to all Infinite Lagrange fans participating in Dawn Celebration for a party you won’t soon forget.

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