Infinite Lagrange Is Featured At The 2023 World Science Fiction Convention

Infinite Lagrange Is Featured At The 2023 World Science Fiction Convention With Its Own Carnival Attraction

The 2023 World Science Fiction Convention is coming to China for the first time, and NetEase Games’ Infinite Lagrange wasa huge part of the event

NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999) announced that Infinite Lagrange participated in the 2023 World Science Fiction Convention, which is being hosted in China for the first time. Attendees were given a chance to dive into the world of Infinite Lagrange in person, as it was featured in its carnival attraction at the event, with special exclusive in-game items that will mark their presence at such a legendary celebration of all things sci-fi!

Infinite Lagrange is a grand sci-fi space simulator for Android & iOS devices, GeForce Now, and Windows PC. In this game, the player is free to carve their legacy in a universe filled with other players, where they can become intergalactic explorers, build massive corporations to trade with other factions, design and construct huge fleets, and fight with enemies among the stars.

The World Science Fiction Convention (also known as Worldcon) is recognized by 2.2 billion sci-fi fans worldwide as it’s the oldest, largest, and most influential event of its kind, being host to the iconic Hugo Awards. From October 18-22, 2023, the 81st Worldcon event was held in Chengdu, China. This marked the first time a Chinese city was hosting Worldcon, with the event theme being “Symbiosis Era.”

As part of the 2023 Worldcon celebrations, Infinite Lagrange has been chosen to participate, tying into the event theme with its “Symbiotic Development – Lagrange Science Fiction Carnival” attraction. This involves a sci-fi carnival exhibition area set up on the conference floor, with props and activities based on the game and gifts for attendees.

Infinite Lagrange fans who attend the event received in-game bonuses, as the development team has collaborated with the Worldcon to release the “Commemoration Asset” to all players. This free downloadable asset gave players a collectible commemorative limited title. Players can also participate in trivia and question-based activities to earn Proxima Coins and Livery Points. In addition, Infinite Lagrange launched a science fiction carnival cooperation agreement, where players can complete tasks to earn special rewards.

Those unable to participate in the 2023 Worldcon celebration is still treated to crucial lore about the game’s history, as an official Infinite Lagrange novel preface was released during the event. In this new text, players were given a glimpse at the development history of the Antontas Consortium and its role in shaping the current landscape of the galaxy.

Infinite Lagrange’s participation in the 2023 Worldcon event is a tremendous honor. NetEase Games is beyond excited to participate in Worldcon and for Infinite Lagrange to be recognized among the titans of the industry. Science fiction fans traveling worldwide got to experience the thrills of Infinite Lagrange’s setting recreated in carnival form, while players who are unable to visit can still participate through its in-game recreation. The sci-fi carnival will exist in both the physical and digital world, connecting the game to the Symbiosis theme of the event, so be sure to visit one or both to participate in the celebrations.

“We are thrilled and privileged to be a part of this year’s World Science Fiction Convention. As a sci-fi space simulator game, it allows us to showcase our captivating narrative and cutting-edge features to, not only our fans but also to sci-fi enthusiasts worldwide,” stated Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President of NetEase, Inc. “The World Science Fiction Convention serves as an invaluable platform for exchanging ideas and visions. We look forward to sharing our experiences and inspirations with other sci-fi creators, and through the collision of imagination, deliver even better content for our players.”

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