Identity V Achieves 300 Million Visitors Worldwide

Identity V Achieves 300 Million Visitors Worldwide, Luxury Rewards incoming!

NetEase Games’ first 4v1 Asymmetric Battle Arena Mobile Game, Identity V, has now reached over 300 million users worldwide! We are very grateful for your support and love, as it’s thanks to you, the players, that the manor keeps getting so many continuous visits!

Continuous upgrades and surprises

During the last five years, Identity V has been constantly updating and improving. Each update provides players with more enriching game experiences. In terms of story, Identity V has taken great care to build a fascinating and disruptive world. Every CG, every letter, hides many mysteries that need to be revealed by the players themselves. And when these mysteries are revealed, they lead to more questions and storylines. Each turn makes the player feel as if they are in a mysterious and dangerous world.

At the same time, several new characters who have their own special skills are continuously being made available, so that players are offered more flexibility in the contribution they make to their team. These new characters not only allow veteran players to continue to enjoy the game, but also attract more new players. Every player can find their favorite character in Identity V, such as the Perfumer who desires to forget the past or the Photographer who wants to pause time,

Identity V isn’t just limited to asymmetrical battle. While continuing with the core gameplay updates, a multitude of new game modes have been developed to satisfy the preferences of different players such as the Blackjack mode that keeps them apart, or the Duo Hunt mode in multiplayer melee.

As the number of players continues to grow, the more players join the gaming community.  Identity V is constantly organizing various fun community events to give players ways to obtain more rewards and benefits. Meanwhile, the game community has also become more proactive, players can communicate and interact through social media, forums, and other channels to share game tips and experiences. The number of official Discords for Identity V is growing, and the daily discussion volume is more than 20K.


More Crossover, More Popular

Identity V has also enjoyed several crossover events with many well-known IPs since its launch and attaches great importance to the selection of IP. Identity V always considers its crossover partners very carefully, to ensure that there is a really good fit with the two parties. Combining the unique style of Identity V and the right crossover IP, ensures a basis for character costume design and event construction. For example, the crossover with Edward Scissorhands chose the image of Jack, a perfect combination of both styles, and the crossover with Detective Conan is ideal for the Identity V storyline and the theme of deduction. The recent crossover with Danganronpa V3 was extremely succesful, creating a new record of daily active users.

Such careful consideration in IP partner selection and the frequency of crossover events has helped Identity V to grow its community substantially and to become one of the most beloved games in its field. This is one of the keys to making Identity V popular among players and to help reach the milestone of 300 million players. It also reflects the Identity V team’s determined pursuit of game quality and constant optimization of the player experience. In the future, Identity V will no doubt see crossovers with more and more excellent IP partners – Please stay tuned!

Exploring Esports, Entertainment and Profession

Since the first COA (Call of the Abyss) was held in 2018, the esports system of Identity V has been constantly developing and improving. With the success of the IVL, the Identity V esports system has been further improved, attracting more players and fans. Now, with the COA VI global tournament in 2023 steadily progressing, the esports event system of Identity V has become more professional. To make the esports more international and globalized, this year’s IVS Finals will be  held in different countries for the first time. Simultaneously, with continuous upgrading and optimization, the game content and the esports event promote each other, helping Identity V to successfully play an important role in the field of esports.

However, the increasingly serious and standardized tournaments cannot hide the keynote of public entertainment for the Identity V esports. In initial tournament planning, Persona 5 focused more on player participation and the fun of events for the players. Compared to other esports events, Identity tournaments are much closer to the players because of its entertainment. And it quickly spread among players and managed to attract a lot of loyal fans. In the new season, Identity V will return to the original, new event Moonlight Race was available on August 31 to help players find the original public entertainment in esports.

Thank You for Everything

There will also be more surprises and improvements to this game in the future updates. Looking forward to seeing every visitor exploring and challenging themselves within the game and enjoying a richer gaming experience. Hopefully, Identity V will bring players more amazing and exciting experiences in the future.

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