“Let Me Eat Your Pancreas” may be Screened in China, Reproducing a Pure Love Classic

Adapted from the best-selling novel in Japan, the animated film “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas” has recently revealed a “to be Released soon” poster confirming the news that the film may be introduced into mainland China. As one of Japan’s best “healing” IPs, the best-selling novel “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas” is a work of the Japanese writer Yoru Sumino, and has sold more than 2.6 million copies in Japan, with its sad and warm pure love story and obscure youth love. Popular in Asia. After the animated film premiered in Japan, it touched countless audiences and gained high acclaims. The film is written and directed by Ushijima Shin’ichirō, dubbed by Mahiro Takasugi, Lynn, Yukiyo Fujii, Yuma Uchida, Jun Fukushima, Atsuko Tanaka, Shinichirô Miki, and Emi Wakui, produced by the animated film committee of “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas”, presenting a wonderful encounter between lives and companionship.

The Elegant Illustrating Continues the Classic of Japanese Anime

An Unexpected Encountering Makes a Pair of Soul Mates

“Let Me Eat Your Pancreas” is a healing story. The hero is an anonymous lonely teenager who encloses himself in his own world in his classmates’ eyes. However, his life has been intertwined with the life of the heroine “without a future” since he came across her diary “Fighting the Disease”. The two grows, from encountering, acquainting to knowing each other, with suspicions, misunderstanding and distrust towards each other. But in the end, the two seemingly opposite people warm each other’s lonely heart, which transcends friendship and romance, filling the gap in each other’s hearts and lives in each other’s souls forever.

It can be seen from the “to be Released soon” poster exposed this time that “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas” still adopts the aesthetic and pure style characteristic of Japanese anime. It can be comparable to classic Japanese manga movies such as “Your Name”, “The Shape of Voice” and “Fireworks”, with which the audience is familiar. In the poster, Under the pink cherry tree, the two protagonists stand opposite each other. The heroine carefully stands on her toes, smiling and looking around while the hero stares into the distance in the scent of cherry blossoms. In the romantic atmosphere, the two seem to be roaming a dream, thinking of and intertwined with each other.

The Animated Adaptation Presents the Tangled Fate

Warm Companionship Conveys the Most Pure Affections

“Let Me Eat Your Pancreas” was adapted into a live-action movie last year, which demonstrates the popularity of its IP. After the release of the live-action version, it won a box office of 3.5 billion yen in Japan and was named the sixth best film of the year in Japan by the media. It also makes a large number of fans confident about this adaptation with great anticipations. Different from the original work and the live-action movie, the animated film uses exquisite pictures and music to create a more romantic and emotional atmosphere, making the subtle emotions between the protagonists more appealing, and presenting the delicate emotions that touch everyone in the original. At the same time, the animated film will focus on the entangled fate of the protagonists, presenting a profound experiencing and understanding of life. In the face of imperfect destiny and death, the confessions of the two protagonists are all hidden in their mutual companion in life, silent yet permanent.

Source: NetEase


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