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CGGE: In recent years, although domestic animation has progressed, the subject matter lacks diversity. Several animated films that attract people’s attention, whether they are young or adult, have a certain audience base. Based on the ancient Chinese classic “the Journey to the West”, a great number of animated films have been filmed, or is being shot and waiting to be released. And there have already been classic or benchmarking works like “The Monkey King” and “Monkey King: Hero Is Back “, why did you still choose to shoot the animated film “Monkey Magic”? What’s its creative breakthrough based on the classic original?

A: Despite a lot of movies on the Westward Journey, I haven’t seen a family movie of this theme. I want to make a movie that the family can sit together to watch, discuss and interact with. Both parents and children should find their counterpart in the movie and have resonation. The creative breakthroughs of the film are: 1. No longer a traditional story of the Journey to the West, 2. Sun Wukong is a big hero who lost his glory. 3. Added with some nobody as the leading roles.


CGGE: How long did it take you on the film from creation to completion? What is the focus of the story? Why did you choose the concept of “crossing”? Does it mean that everyone is partly a Monkey King from inside? Can you share with us the ideas and experiences in the creation process?

A: It took a total of four years from creation to completion of “Monkey Magic”. The film mainly tells the story of a courageous nobody (Sun Wuyuan) and a hero without glories (Sun Wukong) dealing with difficulties, pursuing dreams, and finally realizing their respective values. Choosing the concept of “crossing” distinguishes the film from the traditional one with a new worldview and new original characters, which are closer to our real life and ideas, more grounded, and more convenient for the making of its sequels. It can be said that there lives a Monkey King in each of us, so we want to create a Monkey King in the eyes of modern kids. We intended to make a movie that both parents and children can enjoy. My experience is that I feel very delighted and passionate about making a movie with good content. It also fulfills me and makes me more caring and inclusive after seeing this movie.

CGGE: Why is Sun Wukong a fat monkey in the movie while Sun Wuyuan a blue monkey? Does it suggest anything? Why is it named Wuyuan? What is the relationship between it and Sun Wukong? What does the film want to express ultimately?

A: As we set the time right after King Skeleton Demon, when Tang’s monk drove away the Sun Wukong as he felt that Sun did not trust him or understand the truth he taught. As a result, Sun returned to Mount Huaguoshan for reflection, yet he still could not make out the words of his master. Feasting on the relishes all day long, he soon put on a lot of weight. We chose to make Sun Wuyuan with the color of blue because we want to make a monkey different from its traditional images and attract more attention from youngsters and children. “Blue” represents youth and vitality. “Wuyuan” is named after the setting of the character as a five-dollar defective product due to a scar in his body that suggests his distinctive fate. In fact, that jealousy is the root of his unique fate. The master – apprentice relationship between Sun Wuyuan and Sun Wukong maps that of parents and children. Ultimately the film wants to tell the audience how to solve the middle-age crisis with problems of the elderly, the young, and troubles of their own careers. Besides, youngsters should bravely pursue their dreams and have the determination to make progress. No matter how many difficulties, perseverance is always needed to realize their dreams.


CGGE: In the process of production, there must have been a lot of Behind-the-Scenes. Can you share it with our readers?

A: At the beginning, when the plot was just settled, Monkey King: Hero Is Back was released and it was very similar to our film, which frustrated us a lot. Compared with its quality, our previous standard is a lot lower, so we re-examined the story, adjusted the standard of its quality. I said to the team at the time: “Our standard should not be lower than Monkey King: Hero Is Back, so that it won’t be rejected in two years!” Next, we will find ways to increase capital and strengthen the strength of the team. Growing from a dozen individuals to more than 100 people now, it has been quite difficult for our company to survive and develop. Fortunately, our staff and core talents are very united, supporting me through the difficulties one after another. I am very grateful to them, and I hope that our film will achieve good results as a reward to them.

CGGE: It is the second film you have directed, so how much do you score it?

A: Everyone has different standards for judging films. From my perspective, I think it passes positive messages to the audience and teaches adults and children to find their own value, which is very meaningful. Besides, the punchlines and cool fighting scenes make the film cheerful, special and especially suitable for families to watch. In addition, the visual effects of the film can only be achieved by the top technology domestically. Considering all these factors, I score the film 85 points in my heart.

Theme Song MV of “Monkey Magic” – “Finding Beauty of Being Fat”


Final Trailer of “Monkey Magic”



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