Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Published its Poster, Dracula Taking Adventures Hilariously in Seek of His Love

The summer hit Hollywood animated film “The Elf Hostel 3: Crazy Holiday” will be officially released on August 17th. After three years, this classic movie is finally back. The film was directed by the original director Gwendi Tatakowski, and Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Steve Bussie, Kevin James and other original players. Today’s film released “Love as a beast” version of the notice and poster, the new human character Erica debut, the charm of the “100-year-old single dog” Dracula, romantic dating is open but a frequent, a conspiracy of true love adventure The brigade is about to depart.

Dracula’s fatal temptation to chase the road of love is difficult

In the previous work, the single-parent dad Dracula, after a hundred years of single parenting of her daughter, was finally exhausted after solving a series of problems. The third was arranged by her daughter on a cruise vacation, but unexpectedly met the fate of true love. In the latest exposure of “Love as a Beast” notice and poster, Dracula ushered in true love but did not know that it was hidden. In the face of love at first sight, Erica, the single vampire count for a long time can not resist the “erosion” of love but hesitated, bravely confessed under the encouragement of the buddies, Erica is not moved, and will even be filled with “fatal” garlic oil. The guacamole is constantly fed into the mouth of Dracula. In the poster, Dracula held a flaming rose symbolizing love and Erica, but he did not respond. The face of Mavis was particularly awkward in a smile. In the face of the sudden appearance of Erica, Mavis was uneasy and even dissatisfied with the two alone. Dracula and Erica are sincerely pursuing, but one is trying to put it at risk. Dracula cares for the beauty and loves the beauty. Erica is willing to fulfill his grandfather’s wish. Risk, a contest about true love is taking place.


Word of Mouth Classic Has its Sequal, Upgraded in Laughters on 8.17

The “Elves Hostel” series has won heavy acclaim and won a lot of praise. According to the data of the ticketing website Boxofficemojo, “The Elf Hostel 3: Crazy Holidays” was released in North America, and it became the box office champion in the first week of the show. The top three in the column, so far, the box office list has been ranked in the top. In the previous game, director Tatakovsky told the vampire’s family story in a consistent hilarious comedy style. Once it was launched, it attracted many loyal fans around the world, and the box office hit record highs. “The original heart of the creator is probably let us learn to use new Seeing diversity in everything.” This time, the film classics are upgraded and integrated into the new true love adventure elements. The “thrilling” true love journey between Dracula and Erica is constantly laughing, and many fans are expecting from the fixed file. “The first two funny feelings The strength is well interpreted. The third century-old zing ‘zing’ will definitely bring us more surprises.” “The first two did not disappoint me. I look forward to Dracula’s iron man’s tenderness.” I believe this year’s 8 On the 17th, Dracula, who once again greeted the love challenge, will surely lead to higher viewing expectations.










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