Hong Kong ACG delegation to Malaysia 2019 Comic Fiesta

14 Hong Kong ACG ( Animation, Comic and Games ) companies with high market potential, creativity and originality as well as outstanding design and artistic quality are participating in this 6-daytour to promote their ACG products and services via networking activities with Malaysian ACG companies through the “Hong Kong ACG Pavilion” in Comic Fiesta 2019 between December 21-22nd, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  And awnchina represented by our publisher Mr. Raymond D.Neoh was also accompanied the tour.  Mr. Neoh is also the Honorary Vice President of the Hong Kong Games Industry Association.

People’s love of the city of Hong Kong creates a unique local culture. Accompanying this culture, a distinctive creative spirit that blends the East and West, and merges the tradition and avant-garde, is emerging amongst Hong Kong young creators. Hong Kong’s pop culture in the forms of novels, movies, comics and others has been deeply influenced by the traditional Chinese culture. The characters created by Jin Yong, a Hong Kong Wuxia (martial arts) novel master, in his works and the characters in Hong Kong movies have become legends among global Chinese communities. Benefitting from this traditional advantage, the new generation of Hong Kong creators transform the classical entertainment content into new and unique digital content by digitalizing it and spreading it on the Internet.

Malaysia is one of the top ten markets of Hong Kong ACG products in Southeast Asia. Riding on the huge fan base of Hong Kong comics in Malaysia, Hong Kong ACG industry has established a long-term cooperation relationship with Malaysian counterpart. The “Hong Kong ACG Pavilion” in Comic Fiesta 2019 is the largest showcase of Hong Kong ACG products in Malaysia, which is set up with a view to befitting both Malaysia and Hong Kong in terms of exchange of information on the latest industry development and exploration of business opportunities.

During the trip the delegation had visited a few Malaysian comic and animation company.  One of the companyvisted was Kadokawa Gempak Starz a leading comic books publisher in Japan and Malaysia.  They have magazines, merchandising, games and apps.

Fly Studio a leading Malaysia VFX, CG and games company

Giggle Garage Studio, original IP CG animation and TV series studio

One of the high lights of the trip is the get together dinner with Malaysian ACG companies to present the 14 Hong Kong ACG companies.  Over 1 hundred people had attended the get together, to exchange idea and collaboration between Hong Kong and Malaysian ACG companies

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