Hollywood Arab Film Festival Returns for its 2nd Edition Celebrating Arab American Heritage Month

Los Angeles, California – The Hollywood Arab Film Festival (HAFF) is excited to announce the return of its highly anticipated second edition, taking place from April 26 to 29th at Universal Studios AMC Cinema at CityWalk. As part of Arab American Heritage Month, the festival will present a diverse range of films, highlighting the rich culture and heritage of Arab Americans.

Last year’s edition of HAFF received global media coverage from over 100 outlets, including the Golden Globes. The festival was recognized by Senator Ben Allen’s office for its impact on the community and its contribution to bridging culture. The festival also saw the attendance of numerous Arab community leaders and embassies, who came out to support the cause.

HAFF proudly announces that it will feature an incredible lineup of renowned Arab artists, including Marvel’s Egyptian director Mohamed Diab, Netflix Mo Show star Farah Bsieso, award-winning actor Dhafer L’Abidine, Director Marwan Hamed, The legendary director Khairy Beshara, and many other talented individuals. These artists will showcase their incredible performances and create an unforgettable experience for the audience.

The festival is devoted to promoting the inclusion and representation of North African and Arab filmmakers artists in the American film and art industries by highlighting Arab American talents and stories. HAFF achieves this goal by building capacity through training, networking, educating, and connecting people to create a more cohesive and open society.

“We are thrilled to bring the Hollywood Arab Film Festival back for its second edition,” said HAFF founder and director, Maykel Bakhoum. “We are proud to celebrate Arab American Heritage Month and showcase the incredible talent of Arab artists. We hope to continue to build bridges between cultures through film and create a better understanding of the Arab American community.”

HAFF’s panel of Film Jurors will include a team of media industry experts, such as Producer Clay Epstein, Filmmaker Mary Trunk, and former Vice  President of the Sundance Institute and Co-Director of the

Sundance Film Festival Nicole Guillemet.

For more information about the Hollywood Arab Film Festival, please visit the festival’s website at www.hollywoodarabfilmfestival.org .

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