Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic can be found on consoles now!

Scratch that hidden-object itch with the long-awaited sequel, now available on PC & consoles and with mobile versions landing soon!

The Belgian indiegame studio Rogueside is happy to share Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic with even more players, now that the game is available on all platforms. ​

Now available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, following its magical debut on PC last year, the captivating hidden-object adventure invites players to grab their digital magnifying glass and embark on a thrilling hunt for beautifully hand-drawn items across mythological worlds.

But that’s not all! Android and iOS versions are also in the works, promising an upcoming mobile adventure for fans eager to scratch that hidden-object itch on the go.

Hidden Through Time 2 Accolades Trailer:

Here is what the press had to say about the console versions:

“Hidden Through Time 2 is the perfect family game: relaxed, interactive and creative, and it’s one of those rare titles that will keep you coming back for months to find just one more thing.”

​- 9/10, TheSixthAxis.com

“Overall, Hidden Through Time 2 has been a joy to play. Finding all the little hidden items is a fun time, especially so with the kids helping out, and there are plenty of humorous moments layered in too”

​- 9/10, XboxTavern.com

“This Belgian game is definitely one of the better search games on the console. It looks tremendously fun with its unique visual style and endless gameplay through the community’s created levels.”

​- 80/100, LifeIsXbox.eu

“If you enjoy seeking and finding, you’ll get a big kick out of playing Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic. With more than 30 beautifully designed environments, there’s plenty to keep you searching – and when you’ve had enough, you can try your hand at making your own levels.”

​8/10, gamespew.com


About the Game

Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic takes the beloved concept of 2D hidden object puzzles to new heights. Players will immerse themselves in beautifully illustrated, hand-drawn worlds inspired by myths, legends, and folklore from across the globe. Each environment boasts its own unique charm and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

New to the game is the reality-shift feature, adding an extra dimension for players to scour through. Shift from Day to Night, Summer to Winter, … and see how the change of scenery impacts the levels and which secrets they hide.

Key Features

  • Narrated Campaign – Set out on a journey through four magical eras, discovering all the items hidden within. Find objects to advance through the stages and listen to the narrated storyline of each era – who knows what secrets you’ll uncover next!
  • Beautiful Hand-Drawn Art – Delight in whimsically animated illustrations that breathe life into each scene. Zoom in as needed to take a closer look!
  • Reality Shift – Master the power of time with the brand-new Reality Shift feature, adding an extra dimension to your hidden object experience. Shift between time and seasons to explore maps in multiple states. But keep an eye out for tricky objects only present in one or the other!
  • Create Custom Maps – Unleash your creativity by designing your own hidden object puzzles and environments. The improved Architect Mode lets you build and share your own unique experiences with greater ease than ever before!
  • And share them! – Show off your map-making skills and see how your creations stack up against those of others. Share your creations with the community and explore puzzles made by fellow gamers for endless fun and challenges.
  • Family-Friendly Gameplay – Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic is designed for players of all ages with its accessible mechanics, providing a family-friendly gaming experience.

For more information on Hidden Through Time 2, visit the website, or follow the studio on Twitter or Facebook. ​

Or join th Discord, where you can discover new maps to play or share your own with the community.

About Rogueside

Rogueside is a renowned game development company with a passion for creating captivating and innovative gaming experiences. With a dedicated team of talented developers, they strive to bring joy to players of all ages through their titles.


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