Henan Province Creative Industry Public Technology Service Platform

Henan Province Creative Industry Public Technology Service Platform is a key platform for cultural and creative industries in Henan. The platform brings together elites in the domestic and international animation field to provide a technology and consulting services for animation companies in Henan Province and even in the whole country. It is an incubator to investment and finance for cultural industries in Henan Province. Today we will introduce this platform to you.

CGGE: Can you briefly introduce your Public Technology Platform?

A: Henan Province Creative Industry Public Technology Service Platform was founded in 2009. It is the first comprehensive creative industry public technology service center with the concept of green low-carbon and environmental protection. It mainly involves cultural and creative industries and new media projects. At the same time, it operates a variety of TV and film projects; animation production and derivative products design and production, animation public technology information services and high-level special effects, new media publicity technology, etc., integration and promotion of the Central Plains culture and regional image.

CGGE: Why build this platform? Who does it mainly serve?

A: The platform brings together elites from the domestic and international animation field, and uses advanced concepts, technologies and management at home and abroad to fully integrate the advantages of the government, enterprises, institutions, etc., with market-oriented, equipment-based, technology-based ideas. It also provides fund. It provides the service across the country. It’s a comprehensive platform that provide all round service to creative industry.

CGGE: What is the advantage of this public platform in sharing resources, and improving industry functions?

A: The service platform fully integrates various resources including capital strength and technological innovation to promotes industrial development; and forms a model of “science and technology + creativity + content”. Since its establishment, it has been tracking the latest developments in the animation industry, and established close cooperative relations with media organizations, product manufacturers and operators; and is committed to providing comprehensive and efficient services to partners.

CGGE: How many users are there on this public platform? What is the current users’ feedback? Is it only for users in Henan Province? Is there a corresponding preferential policy?

A: The public platform has many functions, the number of users is very large, and the feedback is quite good. We will adjust the service based on the users’ feedback. Our user base is not limited to Henan Province. Users could enjoy certain discounts depending on the project.

CGGE: In the future, what new functions and attributes will be developed by the public platform?

A: We cooperated with Zhengdong New District to set the project of the Longzihu Cultural and Creative Island “Creative Island”. The island is in the center of Huxin Island, Longzi Lake, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City. It is the creative headquarters of economy, new cultural relic protection technology, conference and exhibition, education and training, creative industry, life entertainment, interactive experience, film and derivative monopoly, etc.. The company strives to build it into a world-class creative island that integrates the world’s advanced digital technology and simulation technology; and relies on traditional Chinese culture to serve the surrounding industrial clusters.

In addition, the first integrated Internet + cultural tourism trade platform of the Central Plains, which we built, is expected to be launched at the end of the year. This is driven by the well-known and provincial government’s key cultural and tourism industry brand “Hometown Henan”, with the concept of “Internet + Culture + Tourism”, integrating multi-end stereo mode such as PC, mobile, WeChat and APP. we will set up a comprehensive Internet + cultural tourism business platform for online and offline channels.


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