ftrack Studio 4.9 New Experience!

ftrack Studio’s new update has arrived, making the daily workflows even simpler. Upgrade for a new, standardized review experience across internal and external reviews, improvements to custom attribute links, upgraded filtering and export tools, and more.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect in the ftrack Studio December update. You can find more details below.

  • A consistent review experience, whether reviewing material internally or externally
  • The ability to manually set review sessions Open or Closed
  • The ability to group by custom attribute links in the Tasks Spreadsheet
  • Improved filtering in Overview and cross-project views
  • Export data without including tasks
  • See the name of your ftrack Studio page in your browser tab

A new, consistent review experience.

New features are added to the updated interface, such as drag-and-drop reordering and the ability to group versions in the playlist.

  • Logged-in users can browse and add new versions and related versions.
  • Logged-in users can add extra attendees directly into the review.
  • Logged-in users can update review settings (passphrases, download of media, etc.) from within the review.
  • Logged-in users can update version and task statuses from within the review.
  • Guests can access the vertical playlist, see full names, group versions, reorder the playlist, and search the playlist.
  • UI updates: Drag-and-drop reordering of playlists, ability to group by versions, ability to easily switch between versions in a group, a new tabbed menu, and more!

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