For the 1st time ever an African animation studio is settling in France

Afrika Toon, the 1st 2D/3D animation studio on the Ivory Coast, is setting up at Les Papeteries – Image Factory.

A team of passionate professionals led by Abel Kouamé and with a common dream: “to become an animation studio with worldwide status”. First step: setting up an Afrika Toon filial at CITIA’s unique hub in Annecy, Les Papeteries – Image Factory.

From Abidjan to Annecy

Afrika Toon is one of a few animation studios in West Africa. Its main aim is to remake the African legends in 3D. Abel Kouamé has directed and produced four feature films including Pokou, princesse ashanti, produced entirely on the Ivory Coast, and several animation series such as Conte-nous ! and La Petite Pokou.

Having a subsidiary in France has two aims: to have commercial representation and a team dedicated to co-producing animated series, feature films and R&D.

According to Abel Kouamé, CEO of Afrika Toon, “this new installation turns a brand new page for the studio and is most certainly the beginning of a successful era.” Accompanied by the Business France system, the studio had already explored other territories in France.

They finally decided upon Les Papeteries – Image Factory in Annecy, for its dynamism and activities for the animation sector due to CITIA’s presence, who organise the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Annecy is a dynamic region for production and there is immense potential for developing this sector and other expansion projects.

Mickaël Marin, CEO, CITIA:

“I can only rejoice at Afrika Toon studio’s installation in Les Papeteries – Image Factory, which merely reinforces that Annecy is the place to be par excellence for animation and the creative industries.

This move is all the more symbolic as the creation of a subsidiary African animation studio is a first in France!

Abel Kouamé is bringing an ambitious project: CITIA and its partners will be alongside him to guarantee its success.”


Source: CITIA

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