FMX 2024 // First conference highlights including LOKI S2

The upcoming 28th edition of FMX is about CONNECTING IDEAS.The LIGHTING & RENDERING track is making a comeback, curated by the amazing Christophe Hery (Director, Science Research, META).

Moreover, we’re ready to reveal our first confirmation highlights: The program will feature some truly amazing VFX in LOKI S2, a talk on stylized animation, and some insights on how to improve production profitability.

Owen Wilson in LOKI S2

First confirmations for FMX 2024

VFX FOR EPISODIC: Christopher Smallfield to give insights

on bending space & time in LOKI S2

Time is out of control in the second season of LOKI on Disney+: The two-faced god Loki from Marvel’s AVENGERS universe turns out to not be his original scheming self but a surprisingly heroic variant. Someone has to venture out into the vacuum of space to fix the time loom – but no protective suit can save them from time erosion.

At FMX, VFX Supervisor Christopher Smallfield (Trixter) will explain how they came up with the look of that process. Prepare to be amazed!

Stylized Animation

LIGHTING & RENDERING: Daniel Damm sharing secrets on stylized animation

With every major animation studio doing stylized animation, it’s safe to say stylization is here to stay. Owner and animator Daniel Damm (Damm it!) will talk about who brought it on, and how they did it. How a few people thought outside the box and changed the entire industry.

Having seen where it all started, he will take a look at how things are done today. What are the current tools able or unable to do? Stylized animation is the ultimate art vs technology. Will it become available in real time engines the same way traditional 3D has after decades of technical advancements? And who will be the one bringing it there?

THE POWER OF COLLABORATION: How to improve profitability

with Heiko Burkardsmaier

How can the use of the full power of Shotgrid or a similar data base help you improve the profitability of your VFX/animation production? Heiko Burkardsmaier (VFX Executive Producer and Head of Business & Legal Affairs at Accenture Song Content Germany) will cover basics such as Overhead calculation, Capacity usage and essential KPIs. He will also give a deeper dive into project planning and controlling.

FMX Boards

Explore our Program Board, Advisory Board and Associates,now accessible on the FMX website

Explore our Boards, now accessible on the FMX website. Our board members are instrumental in supporting FMX through their program recommendations, insight into trends, and deep understanding of the conference.

The FMX ticket shop will open end of January!

Animation Production Days

Animation Production Days (APD) – Call for Projects

Newly developed animation projects can now be submitted for the 18th Animation Production Days (23-25 April 2024 in Stuttgart). The co-production and financing market – a joint venture of ITFS and FMX – also offers a Talent Program for newcomers and a Co-Producers’ Program for production companies and studios who are looking for animation projects to collaborate on.

Deadline for project submissions is 6 February, 2024.

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