FMX 2023

FMX 2023 presents an outstanding series of sessions with leading creative talents from around the world. Award-winning feature animation producer Manuel Cristóbal (WRINKLES, BUÑUEL – IN THE LABYRINTH OF TURTLES, LOST IN GALICIA) will discuss his current collaboration with director Usman Riaz on his new feature THE GLASSWORKER. Amsterdam-based studio Submarine are known for their innovative work on high-profile hybrid animation projects, notably Richard Linklater’s APOLLO 10 ½ and acclaimed TV series UNDONE; Producer Alex Dowding will focus on APOLLO 10 ½ specifically. FMX is also delighted to welcome back inspiring stop-motion director Juan Pablo Zaramella from Argentina. His acclaimed short film LUMINARIS has won over 324 awards and is a favorite with festival audiences everywhere. Juan Pablo is currently working on a new feature film I AM NINA. These sessions will showcase the exciting creative possibilities of bringing together talents and studios from many different locations, exploring a diverse range of animation techniques. Feature animation veteran and international talent consultant Shelley Page introduces this series of presentations.

Jeffrey Okun & Georgina Hayns


Georgina Hayns (PINOCCHIO) spotlights Puppet Manufacturing + Jeffrey Okun shares practical VFX know-how

Ever wondered how animation and visual effects can be achieved using practical means? Two THEN & NOW sessions, curated and moderated by Ian Failes (befores & afters), will present milestone innovations in old-school areas of filmmaking. Puppet fabrication supervisor Georgina Hayns, whose filmography includes Guillermo del Toro’s Academy Award®-nominated PINOCCHIO and several LAIKA films, discusses how puppets for stop-motion animated films are designed, built and rigged using traditional mechanical mechanisms as well as 3D printing. Visual effects can also be tackled practically: Visual effects supervisor Jeffrey Okun (THE LAST STARFIGHTER, STARGATE or THE LAST SAMURAI) sits down with Ian Failes and Hugo Guerra from Hugo’s Desk for a special LIVE session of the VFX Notes podcast. Together, they will look at tricky and joyful moments in the VFX creation process.

The Sandman


Matt Kavanagh & Natacha Pianeti on Untold Studios’ work on Netflix series THE SANDMAN

Untold Studios’ VFX Lead Matt Kavanagh and VFX Artist Natacha Pianeti offer a whistle stop tour through the making of some of the Netflix hit show’s most memorable sequences. Untold Studios worked on over 360 shots on what is one of the most successful Netflix shows ever, showcasing an incredibly diverse range of VFX techniques in the process. From an engulfing hell portal scene, to transforming Stephen Fry into a meadow and hundreds of CGI photorealistic, painterly cats for the Annie nominated bonus episode, ‘A Dream of a Thousand Cats’. The pair will share behind the scenes access to the plethora of tools and techniques used to bring the show to life, explaining the creative process, their challenges and experiences in a VFX 101 style talk.

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