Lagardère Studios Distribution is delighted about its first collaboration with Canadian production company Pixcom for the worldwide distribution outside France and Canada of Le Monstre (6×45’), a drama series produced by Pixcom for Radio-Canada and its platforms ICI TOU.TV and ICI Télé.

At 18, Sophie falls in love with a charming, charismatic young man. Soon she wants nothing more than to spend every living moment with this captivating lover… who turns out to be a relentless abuser. Sophie will have to spend the next 3 years fighting an uneven, devastating battle to crawl out from under his grip. Inspired by the autobiographical best-selling book by Ingrid Falaise published by Libre Expression, Le Monstre is the televised adaptation of a heartrending story as moving as it is enthralling.

When it launched in February 2019, the series beat all records in viewership and subscriptions on TOU.TV since the platform’s creation 5 years ago. The show’s success was confirmed when it aired on ICI Télé in September 2019, reaching an audience share of 30 per cent with close to one million viewers.

Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet – Managing Director at Lagardère Studios Distribution: “This drama series about domestic violence and abuse featuring two very convincing protagonists addresses a very serious and timely issue, and we are certain it will resonate with many buyers around the world”.

Ginette Viens,- Executive Producer and Vice President of International Productions at Pixcom: “Inspired by a true story told by Ingrid Falaise and countless other women and men around the world, the series is a useful, much-needed work. While the show depicts very distressing events, it is also a story of courage, strength and hope”.


Source: LagardèreStudios

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