Film Adaptation of Classic Fairy Tale “Travel! Frog” Being Screened


The animated family adventure “Travel! Frog” has been officially and publically screened. “The world is so big, and I wanna see it! ” Adapted from a fairy tale, the film presents a traveling frog initiating a joyful adventure, with adorable characters and meticulous images, which is called the most delightful movie of the summer season for family watching.

The “Traveling frog” First Appearing on Big Screen

Animated films with a frog as the leading role is not uncommon, yet “Travel! Frog”, which completed shooting last year,  is the first animated film that combines frogs with traveling, which is strikingly similar to the theme of  “the Travelling Frog”, a phonegame popular nationwide earlier this year. Sitting in the office every day, looking at the “Frog Son” on the mobile phone to travel somewhere, and bringing back some local products, it is better to go into the theater and go with the little frog on the big screen to “look at the big world outside.” “Oh!

The little frog also has a dream. The energy is full.

A frog at the bottom of the well, why do you want to venture into the human world? At the beginning of the movie, Frog Weil lived in a quiet and beautiful underground world, but one day, he became curious about the outside world, so he described his dreams to his friends with great enthusiasm: “The world is so big. I want to go out and see!” Anyone who dreams is amazing! Frog Well has embarked on the adventure of seeing the world without hesitation, and has grown rapidly after all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, becoming brave and fearless, with wisdom and responsibility. Not only can children feel the power of “dreams” in the movie, but the adult audience can also feel the passion of “flying”.

The adventure is joyful and exciting. It is called the animal version of “speed and passion”.

As an animated film, the adventure element is a highlight of the film. In the movie, Frog Weir’s adventure is joyful and exciting. He saw the vast sky, the steep canyon, the majestic city walls, and the palace. He lived with the lovely princess, and fought bravely with the great villain Bunt. He also died several times from the uncle’s dog. Escape. This little frog who loves to make friends not only became friends with the prince who became the frog after the curse, but also turned the uncle’s faithful minion vulture into a friendly army, and finally saved the princess out of control, and even took the vulture. Mounted, staged a high-altitude thriller scene, called the animal version of “speed and passion.”

New classic fairy tales, friendship, love, new and interesting

In Grimm’s fairy tale, the prince is a frog waiting for the princess to kiss the spell, and “Travel! In the image of the frog of the bottom of the frog, the image of the protagonist Frog Weir combines the story of the folk fable “Frog at the bottom of the well” and the fairy tales of the frog, from the frog waiting for the princess to the frog prince who bravely pursues the dream and takes the initiative to save the princess. The emotional line of the story is no longer a common love line in fairy tales, but mainly friendship. Frog Weir, with his friends, helped the princess to defeat the imperial concubine Bun, but in the end he did not marry the princess, but returned to the bottom with his own frog lover Lola. The story structure and main line of the anti-routing are both novel and interesting, and in line with the children’s viewing, which is the best choice for Bao Dabao’s mother and baby.

Produced well-made summer file domestic animation “black horse”

Since the summer file, the weak domestic animation film market has become the consensus in the industry. As of the beginning of August, the total box office of animated films was only 420 million yuan, which was significantly lower than the 600 million yuan and 1 billion yuan in the same period of 2016 and 2017. “Travel! From the point of view, the Frog at the Bottom of the Well has been highly anticipated by the industry. The film’s behind-the-scenes team has a 10-month production cycle that creates a great film feel for the film. Not only the image of the little frog is cute, but also the characters of the kind and lovely princess, the domineering vulture and so on. In addition, the film is beautiful and full of oriental aesthetics. From the screen to the special effects, to the soundtrack, and the excellent production, let’s travel! The Frog at the Bottom of the Well becomes the “dark horse” of the domestic animation in the summer.



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