Fête de famille (Family gathering), a new narrative game exploring the the joys of family reunions

ARTE announces Fête de famille (Family gathering), a new narrative game exploring the the joys of family reunions

The next game from ARTE France, Atomic Raccoon and Kilosaurus paints an caustic family portrait, between a visual novel and a transgressive, interactive animated film

Publisher and co-producer ARTE, along with Atomic Raccoon and Kilosaurus, are proud to announce their new game, Fête de famille (Family gathering), an interactive visual novel scheduled for 2022 for iOS and Android.

Fête de famille (Family gathering) tells the timeless story of the Family, the one we love, cherish, slander and despise. For their grandfather’s birthday, 90 years old and living memory of his family’s history, the player finds themselves at the center of a generational conflict with unpredictable consequences.

Underneath their typical and charming French family appearance, each member hides dark secrets and unfathomable motives.

The grandfather is growing old and the little party in his honor may well be the last. Behind the scenes, rumors spread that he had a will drawn up, the content of which is still unknown.

Not exactly thrilled at the idea of returning to their native village to spend the day with their family, the player is mandated to investigate this mysterious will and determine who will come out on top.

Fête de famille (Family gathering) gives the player the opportunity to interact with their environment through multiple choices. They can explore and influence the family reunion for better or worse.

A seemingly insignificant choice may very well change the relationship between the family members for good.

Fête de famille (family gathering) will be available in 2022 for iOS and Android.

A game from Atomic raccoon, written by ACTEZERO (Anthony Jauneaud), developped by kilosaurus, illustrated by Geoffroy Monde, animated by la Mécanique du plastique, with a soundtrack from Colorswap studio, published and co-produced by ARTE France.

About ARTE 

Founded in 1992, ARTE is a European public cultural television channel and a digital network focusing on creation and innovation. Over the past ten years, ARTE has co-produced a number of interactive creations such as the games Type:Rider, Homo Machina, Vectronom, The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature and Bury Me, My Love. More information on the official website and the Twitter page of Arte Interactif.

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