Fantawild Animation Released 6 New Features to Further Develop its IP

From September 25th to 27th, the Fantawild Animation Conference hosted by Huaqiang Fante (Shenzhen) Animation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fantawild Animation”) was held in Zhengzhou Fantawild Tourist Resort, from domestic and foreign brands and enterprises. Nearly 500 people from all walks of life, including industry groups, TV media, new media, publishing groups, animation companies, and sales channels, participated in the conference.

Fantawild Animation Released Six Major New Products, Forming a Comprehensive IP Matrix

At the meeting, Fantawild Animation released six new products: the most popular national IP trilogy aimed at kids of specific ages: “The Bears and Joys”, “Boonie Cubs 3”, “Boonie Bears: Adventure Diary 2”, will be released in the Spring Festival of 2019. The sixth film of the Boonie Bears series – “Boonie Bears: the Primitive Time”, the new original adventurous animation “Tiger Team”, the original Chinese-style animated film “City of Terracotta Warriors“. The six major new products were released at the same time, which formed a multi-IP matrix of Fantawild Animation.

Fantawild Animation invited more than ten industry experts, including the professor of Beijing Film Academy – Cao Xiaohui, the supervisor of Aniworld TV – Luo Wei,  Guo Yuhua from Xuandong Animation, Josh Selig – American small aircraft company president and others  to carry out three summit forums, centering on the topics of creation of elaborate stories, exploring globalization and Integrating the IP industry chains. They discussed the current situation and prospects of the original animation industry, seeking suggestions for the animation industry, which aroused wide concern from the industry.

National IP “Boonie Bears” Deeply Develops the Kids-Oriented Animated Trilogy

Since 2014, Fantawild Animation has pioneered the industry and proposed the concept of “Animations Oriented at Kids of Specific Ages”. Based on this concept, the national IP “Boonie Bears” was developed in depth to suit the needs of kids of different ages, including the adventure for children aged 6-12. The inspirational adventure animation “Boonie Bears: Adventure Diary”, the educational work for children aged 3-6 – “Boonie Cubs”, and the children’s songs for the age of 0-3 – “Boonie Bear: an Ode to Joy”.

In the past four years, “Boonie Cubs” and “Boonie Bears: Adventure Diary” have been launched one after another, achieving high ratings and acclaims. Among them, “Boonie Bears: Adventure Diary” has been ranked first in the animation of all major children animations since its release, and the highest ratings of CCTV children have been recorded with a 4.347% rating. The whole network has a demand of nearly 10 billion. After the simultaneous and comprehensive simulcasting of the first and second seasons of the “Bears and Bears”, the same scores were also achieved, and the first ranking of the Chinese TV anime series was ranked first in the current period. The on-demand rankings were firmly in front of the major platforms. If the tide.

At the meeting, Fangte anime publicized the long-awaited children’s songs and anime works “Bears and Joys” for 0-3 years old. The project is based on healthy and up-to-date children’s songs and fashionable and dynamic pop music elements. It is arranged according to the style that is easily accepted by the parent-child group. It is performed through the cute bear big, bear two, bald and strong image. There are new songs on traditional children’s songs, original songs and new songs, as well as stories full of stories and lyrics with educational significance. They have a positive effect on the growth of infants and young children, so that their minds can be fully developed and received on-site guests. Alike.

Fangte Anime released two new products, “The Bear Park 3” and “The Bear’s Adventure Diary 2”. On the basis of the original educational and entertaining and well-made works, “Xeon Bear 3” has joined a series of new characters such as “Mao Mao’s father”. The parent-child theme runs through the whole story, further satisfying the needs of the fans’ family. “Bear Invasion Adventure Diary 2” continues the plot of the previous season, in addition to retaining the favorite female character Zhao Lin, but also joined the new role of the human villain “genius” and other dramas, making the series more conflicts. What is gratifying is that in this second part, the original movie characters have also returned in full: the old friends who are fascinating, the majestic cool black wind and other old friends will be combined with the “Xiongqiang Iron Triangle” in the forest. Adventures, jointly solve the threat brought by the genius. Judging from the stills and movies released on the spot, the new series of two animation works have been comprehensively upgraded from the plot content to the animation production.

“Bear Invasion Adventure Diary 2”, “Bears of the Bears 3”, “Bears and Joys” will meet the audience in the fourth quarter of 2018, the first half of 2019, and the first quarter of 2019.

In the Spring Festival, I saw the “Bears Haunted” and the whole family was more happy.

In the Spring Festival, I saw “Bears infested” and the whole family was more happy. During the Spring Festival, going to the cinema with my family to watch a “Bear Infested” movie has become the consensus of thousands of viewers and is one of the “standards” for the Spring Festival. Fangte Anime has launched the five bears in the big movie “warm positive energy, good word of mouth, good box office, 阖家欢” and other keywords, became the “bears haunt” movie left the impression of the national audience.

In the Spring Festival of 2019, the “Bear Bears” movie will also arrive as scheduled. At the press conference, the long-awaited “Bear Infested” sixth film “Bear Infested Original Age” revealed the truth at the press conference. In “Bear Infested Primitive Times”, “Xiongqiang” will go through the original era to launch a new adventure, the collision of modern technology and primitive civilization, what exciting sparks will be made, what interesting stories will happen? In the primitive society of 10,000 years ago, what kind of crisis was there, waiting for the Xiongqiang trio to resolve? All the puzzles are looking forward to.

According to Fangte’s anime scene, “Bears in the Primitive Times” will not only have the original spectacle of the majestic, but also many unknown strange creatures. The bald head even opened the first “emotional experience”, funny and funky. . Judging from the stills and videos disclosed on the spot, the texture and effect of the picture have a comprehensive leap compared with the previous ones, and the audience is amazed.

New IP powerful eye-catching IP matrix debut

In addition to the TV and movie new content of the National IP “Bear Infested”, the two new original IP projects released by Fangte Anime have aroused the attention of the guests.

One of the projects is the animation and original development of the world-renowned IP “Little Tigers Detective Team” that Fangte Anime has previously revealed in a small scope. “Little Tigers Detective Team” is a famous children’s adventure series novel written by the Austrian writer Thomas Brzezina. It tells the story of three unique teenagers joining hands to explore. The book has been published in China since 2001. With a thrilling and interesting storyline, rich scientific and humanistic knowledge, distinctive young characters, and novel puzzle tools, it has swept the market quickly, and it has been broken for three years. The 7 million sales records created by the Lee Potter series. Up to now, “Little Tigers Detective Team” has published 83 volumes, has been translated into 26 languages, and has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. It has been ranked first in China’s best children’s bestsellers 23 times, and it is called the “Childhood Bible” of a generation.

Fangte Anime launched the original project of “Little Tigers Detective Team”, condensed the core creative team of Fangte Anime, and hired a Hollywood gold scriptwriter team to create a new creation in the original novel style. At the same time, he joined hands with the children’s content company of ZODIAKMEDIA, the largest media group in France. ZODIAKKIDS global division of labor, simultaneous release. Fangte Anime will also integrate all the advantages of resources, through a powerful distribution network, three-dimensional marketing promotion, its own theme park and other means to jointly create this original super IP with a global fan base.

At the press conference, Fangte Anime released the progress of the “Little Tigers Detective Team”, which will meet the audience in early 2020. At the same time, Fangte Animation announced the concept atmosphere video of “Little Tigers Detective Team” for the first time. It is full of suspense, adventure and detective elements. It reveals the essence of the novel and makes the audience sigh. “The concept video has already caught people’s attention, animation. The film will be even more exciting!”

At the same time, Fantawild’s new Chinese ancient animated film project “The City of the Skull” was shocked. Based on the global cultural symbols and the Chinese cultural treasure “Terracotta Warriors”, the “City of the Dragon” is a new world beyond imagination. The film is fantastic, adventurous, and incorporates the love of the heart, telling the audience an adventure and growth. A wonderful story of good and evil and choice. In order to reflect the beauty of Chinese culture to the extreme, Huaqiang Fangte deeply explores elements such as myths and legends, historical relics, etc. The scenes and characters created are extremely elegant and full of oriental charm. “In order to truly understand the culture of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the special research team of Fangte Animation went to the Qin Emperor’s Mausoleum for a few months of field research and recreated an epic Qin Dynasty magnificent landscape”.

According to reports, the “City of the City” film project Huaqiang Fante has been preparing for three years, the film will meet the audience in the summer of 2019. After the press conference, until the film was released, the film’s comic book of the same name will also be on the major manga platforms. The millennium Chinese history and culture combines the popular and popular fantasy styles, and the magnificent Qin Dynasty history is wonderfully praised by the guests. .

Industry big coffee gathering forum summit talk about the future of the industry

Subsequently, Fangte Animation invited Cao Xiaohui, Vice President of China Animation Academy of Beijing Film Academy, Luo Wei, Director of Golden Eagle Cartoon TV, Guo Yuhua, General Manager of Hyun Cartoon Satellite TV, Josh Selig, President of American Small Aircraft Animation Company, and more than ten industry experts at home and abroad. Nearly 500 guests from top brands, media platforms, film groups, e-commerce platforms, media pipelines, publishing groups, game companies and other industries have launched a forum to focus on “Speaking Chinese Good Stories, Creating Literary Works”, The topics such as “The Road to Globalization of Animation”, “Integrating the Industry Chain, Creating Super IP”, etc., jointly exchanged views and shared opinions on the development status and prospects of the animation industry.

Experts first shared and analyzed how to create an anime story. In recent years, China’s animation industry has developed rapidly, and the development model and pattern of the animation industry has gradually taken shape. As more and more animation works emerge, the content of high-quality stories and boutiques is particularly important. Experts from various pipelines in the industry shared valuable experience in content creation from different angles. Ding Liang, senior vice president of Huaqiang Fangte Group, said: “To create an animation boutique, a good story is the core, to create ideological and artistic, Watching the works in one, while also grasping the characteristics of animation, creating a world of imagination and credibility.”

Fangte anime released six major new products IP matrix fully set sail

In addition to good story works, it is also important to expand the influence and go abroad. International cooperation will become a major trend in the development of the animation industry. In the second summit forum on “The Road to Globalization of Animation”, well-known industry experts from home and abroad based on the development status of Chinese animation, deeply analyzed the opportunities and challenges of the internationalization of Chinese animation. Mr. Josh Selig, President of the American Small Aircraft Animation Company, said: “The gap between Chinese animation and international production is not big, but how to choose the right theme and how to tell the story so that the audience around the world can understand and accept is crucial. At the same time, we also need to choose the pipeline and way to go out.”

In the third discussion on “Integrating the Industrial Chain and Building Super IP”, experts from the media, brand companies, e-commerce, theme parks, etc., conducted discussions and exchanges of opinions from their respective fields. . The on-site industry unanimously believes that the industry and the industry are no longer independent and linear development. As an important part of the IP industry chain, it is necessary to jointly develop creative cooperation through their respective resource advantages in order to give brand and IP a new brand. Vitality.

In addition, for the six new products released by Fangte Anime, the IP matrix is ​​presented. Experts also expressed their comprehensive affirmation. They believe that regardless of the in-depth development of existing brand-age animation, or the new original IP of “International Fan”, This is an innovative move for Fangte Animation to further develop and advance the industry, and the future prospects are expected. The comprehensive exploration and development of Fangte Animation in derivative licenses, theme parks, and cross-industry cooperation has also set an example for Chinese animation, which is very useful for reference.

The 2018 Fantasy Animation Conference also summarized the brand authorization scores of the past year, and conducted the selection and awarding of outstanding licensees. Many outstanding performers such as Mengniu won the Fantasia Animation Awards of the Year Award.

Many new works disclosed by Fangte Animation Conference are full of expectations, and Fangte’s perfect industrial chain layout and authorized service capabilities also give enterprises greater room for development. Hua Lin Fangte Culture Technology Group Senior Vice President and Fang Te Animation General Manager Shang Linlin described the future development of Fangte Animation. “Future Fangte Animation will continue to break through innovation, create more high-quality animation works, and develop existing animation brands in depth. Create a multi-dimensional IP matrix horizontally, build a larger Fangde animation kingdom, contribute to the Chinese animation industry, bring more joy and touch to the global audience, and spread Chinese culture to the world.”


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